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Why Does Wine Make You Bloated? How to Treat Wine Bloating?

Why Does Wine Make You Bloated? How to Treat Wine Bloating?Have you ever noticed that after a long night drinking wine, your body and your face become puffy? This condition is known as bloating which is the most common effect from drinking alcohol including wine for your body. So, why does wine make you bloated? Find the answers below.

What is Bloating?

As mentioned previously, bloating is a body condition where the abdominal area of the body feels uneasily full. This uncomfortable condition is often being accompanied with distention or swelling. Generally, bloating happens when the body tries to retain the excess water or gas which builds up within the digestive system. The condition such as bloating may also cause the belly pain, ranging from dull and stable to sharp and piercing.

Most people have already been familiar with the term “beer belly.” This name is given to the stubborn fat which tends to accumulate around the belly if you regularly drink. All types of alcohol such as whiskey, wine, beer, etc are basically calorie-dense with 7 calories per gram. If you drink alcohol with other ingredients like sugar, then the amount of calories will increase much more.

Why Wine Make You Bloated?

The calories accumulated from regular drinking may become the main factor of easy weight gain. However, the calories you consume generally depend on the ingredients that you pour or order which may make one glass of wine containing more than fifty to several hundred calories entering your body.

Despite weight gain, drinking wine may also irritate the gastrointestinal tract and it may then cause the bloating. The reason why this issue often happens is that it is considered as an inflammatory substance and it has the tendency to cause the swelling in your body. The inflammatory condition of your body may become worse depending on the things that you mix the wine with, such as carbonated or sugary liquids. As for the result, you may experience more bloating, discomfort or gas inside your belly.

As mentioned previously, you may also get your face bloated after drinking a long night. This bloated face is often being accompanied by face redness. This is due to the body being dehydrated by wine. And consequently, the vital organs and skin try to get as much water as possible from your body. This condition then leads to puffiness all around your face and other areas of your body.

The Wine Bloating Treatment

If you notice that you have gained so much weight due to the wine consumption, it may be better for you to reduce the wine or alcohol consumption. As mentioned by 2015-2020 U.S. Dietary Guidelines, there are recommended amount of alcohol consumption for both men and women. It is said that men can consume up to two drinks per day, while the women are up to one drink per day.

For wine consumption, men can drink 5 ounces of wine with 12 percent alcohol. It is true that the body can only metabolize certain amount of alcohol per day. This ability is also influenced by your age, sex, weight and any other factors. For the treatment, you can manage your own drinking along with the consumption of healthy good and also regular exercise. These methods may be effective to avoid the beer belly from your body.

If you are also a coffee lover, you should also try to reduce your coffee intake as by itself coffee can cause bloating. Maybe you should even try to totally avoid coffee to make sure which one is the cause of the bloating, whether coffee of wine.

Furthermore, if you have been drinking wine, it is better to drink water quickly to throw away the bloating from your stomach and face. Actually, if you drink water before, during and after drinking wine, you can avoid this inflammatory effect in your body.

Whenever you feel that wine make you bloated, you can directly switch over to drink water. However, despite the bloating, you have to always consider the amount of wine that you consume for your own health. Don’t let this substance damage your precious body.

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