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Why Does Tea Make You Pee? How to Prevent This?

Why Does Tea Make You Pee? How to Prevent This?Tea has lots of great benefits for the body, but some people believe that drinking tea is the main cause of excessive urination. It is mainly because tea has caffeine and caffeine is diuretic. Let’s see the elaborated reasons and how you can suppress the urge to pee after drinking tea.

The Reasons Why Tea Makes You Pee

All of the tea actually contain caffeine. Caffeine itself is known as a natural diuretic that can increase the fluid in your body or in another word, drinking caffeinated beverages can hydrate you. The fluid on the body encourages the bladder to work harder and it results in more frequent urination. But, besides this reason, there are other reasons why drinking tea makes you pee more than usual.

  • Low Tolerance for Caffeine

Each person actually has a different tolerance for caffeine. Some people can drink more than five cups of tea, but don’t need to visit the bathroom often. While some others only drink a cup of tea and it makes them urinate more than usual.

Overall, caffeine is safe to consume, but if you have a low tolerance for caffeine, it can encourage you to visit the bathroom more frequently. If you suspect to have a low tolerance of caffeine, you need to limit the amount of tea you drink to avoid excess urination.

  • Fluid Intake

If you don’t have a low tolerance of caffeine, but drinking tea still makes you pee more, you need to take a look at the amount of fluid you take. Similar to other kinds of beverages, tea also hydrates your body. Meaning that the more you drink tea, the more frequent you pee.

The extra fluid on the body should be released through urination and if you consume more than 8oz glasses a day, you definitely need to go to the bathroom more.

  • Types of Tea You Drink

Another factor that plays a big role here is the type of tea you drink. Actually, all of the tea contains caffeine, but some of them are the natural diuretic that makes you pee more. Among others, the natural diuretic tea that encourages more urination is nettle and dandelion. Both of them have been used for centuries as natural diuretics and if you drink one of that tea, you might need to go to the bathroom more.

  • Health Problem and Medication

Drinking tea is actually safe for the body, but if you pee more after drinking tea, it might be because of the health problem or the medication you take. After a certain time, your body will become weaker and it is a natural sign of aging. The enlarged prostate gland encourages the body to release excess fluid when you only drink less tea than usual.

Not only because of that reason, but the medication you take will also encourage you to visit the bathroom more frequently. The medication will be affected by the natural chemicals of the tea and it will result in more urination.

How to Reduce the Urge to Pee After Drinking Tea

Do you want to drink tea as usual, but don’t want to visit the bathroom often? Don’t worry, you can still enjoy your favorite beverage here and reduce the needs to pee. Here are some things you can do.

  • Limit the Amount of Tea You Drink

Since tea contains caffeine and caffeine is diuretic, the best thing you can do is to limit the amount of tea you drink. If you usually drink more than five cups of tea in a day, you need to reduce the number to prevent you to pee more.

If you also have a lower tolerance of caffeine, it is better if you switch to non-caffeinated beverage to prevent any side effects. Although the amount of caffeine in tea is less than coffee, it is better if you limit the caffeine intake for 200 milligrams at maximum.

  • Train Yourself to Reduce the Urge to Pee

If you still want to drink tea but don’t want to pee more, you can actually train yourself to suppress the urge to pee. The urge to pee actually comes from your brain and if you want to limit the frequency to go to the bathroom, you can distract your attention to other things.

But, if it is hard to do and you still want to pee badly, you can train your bladder to reduce the urge to pee. After you drink your tea, you need to suppress the urge to pee for the next 10 minutes. If it works, you can add the number gradually. It is actually not an easy process because you need to do it regularly for a week at a minimum.

The caffeine in tea stimulates your bladder and it results in frequent urination. But, the effect is actually different on each person because of caffeine tolerance. Don’t worry, you can always train your bladder to suppress the urge to pee after drinking tea.

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