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Why Does My Keurig Coffee No Longer Taste Good?

Why Does My Keurig Coffee No Longer Taste Good?If you are coffee lovers, you must know about the Keurig. Yes, it is a brewed coffee device! Have you ever wondered how to make your Keurig coffee taste good at home as this coffee machine has claimed to be able to brew such high-quality coffee? But the concern is that why does Keurig coffee no longer taste good anymore?

The Coffee Machine

The Keurig was firstly being introduced to the world in 1992 as one of the coffee machine which can brew coffee easily and quickly. This device can be used to make coffee at home without taking lots of efforts. It can also be used to make cider, hot chocolate, and tea. Although the Keurig is always boasting about its flexibility, the result is somehow not too impressive.

The Keurig brewer, however, is called convenience. The coffee addicts drink from this brewer. It is believed that more than 23 million brewers have sat on the countertops of American houses. Although there is big concern on the ecological impact from all the brewers’ trash, this Keurig brewer is still popular nowadays.

How to Make Keurig Coffee Tastes Good Again

Whether you like it or not, there is no hesitant that the Keurig coffee no longer taste good needs to be hacked and made such a little improving. Below are tips on how to produce better taste coffee from the Keurig brewer

Double up the Coffee Cup

First tips to get better coffee from the Keurig brewer is by using two pods at 6 ounce cup setting, the lower ounce setting from the machine. Try not using the eight-ounce setting as you just tend to weaken your coffee especially if you want to brew light or medium roasts.  For the waste, you can always use the K-cup recycling program from Keurig. If you love strong coffee, you can use the dark-roasted k-cups.

Use Your Own Coffee Beans

If you want to make your coffee taste better, you can use your own coffee beans but make sure your coffee beans have not expired. You can buy My k-cup reusable filter as it can be used to ground fresh coffee from your own beans. You can learn how to make it from the tutorial.

Add Salt Just a Pinch of It

The result of the coffee brewed from the Keurig can taste extremely bitter. You can add a pinch of salt into your coffee to make the difference. It will be able to create such chemical reaction and lessen the acidity of the coffee. Therefore, the coffee will taste smoother than before.

Use Best Water for the Keurig

Water is also an important aspect to determine the final taste of your coffee brewed inside the Keurig. To get better taste, it is suggested that you refill the water tank each morning. If you use 80 ounce water reservoir and also the bottled water, try not to fill it up. If you want to brew 4 cups of coffee, for example, you can just add about 40 ounces of water.

Therefore, you can pour any fresh water in the next day. You can use the smaller water tank offered by Keurig if you want to just like K-compact. It is also recommended to use only the filtered or bottled water for the machine. Or, you can use the water filter. However, this water filter needs to be replaced after 2 months. Never use softened water for your coffee.

The Keurig coffee no longer taste good can be avoided by implementing the tips above. For the Keurig brewer, make sure to keep the brew head and the k-cup holder clean. Make sure to clean all coffee dirt and grounds from each part of the machine which is in contact with the coffee.

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