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Why Does Coffee Make You Pee More Often? How to Fix It?

Why Does Coffee Make You Pee More Often? How to Fix It?So, does coffee make you pee? Unfortunately, yes. Even so, this fact doesn’t shatter those coffee holic’s love for the black bitter liquid. Some even claim that it helps a lot to start the day, thus consuming a cup of coffee in the morning is preferred. Since you cannot omit the urinating effect, the best solution is to make friend with it. In this article we will discuss why coffee trigger more urination and how to reduce it.

Does Coffee Make You Pee?

It is hard to admit, but yes, coffee will push your urinating system to work faster. As for the real cause, you might have heard some theories about it. It is either because of the liquid form, or the caffeine composition, which carries diuretic effect in it. So which one is the fact?

Great thing about coffee is its jolting therapy to nervous system, softly waking your brain and keep it that way for next six hours. Unfortunately, taking too much caffeine would raise the possibility of your repeated short journey to the restroom. Even though caffeine is not only found in coffee, but its popularity as all day long beverages should make you worry.

How Does Coffee Stimulate More Urination?

The answer lies on the blackness of your coffee. It is the catalyst particles, derived from the coffee beans. This tiny substance works similarly to amphetamine in the body.

After you sip the black liquid, the digestive system processes it and distributes the extract through blood. During this delivery, the catalyst is eaten by certain substance in your body. Getting energy from these particles, your system will then work twice faster than the usual pace. In some cases, it even goes three times faster. The positive thing: it delivers more energy. The thumbs down is the extra amount of pee you have to release.

Is It a Sign of Certain Health Issue?

No, it is definitely not. The diuretic effect is simply the natural thing happens after taking too much caffeine. Once you stop or reduce the amount of caffeine intake, you will be able to control the regular visit to bathroom. Aside from this fact, it is interesting to know that several other factors also determine how caffeine alters your urinating system.

If you wonder, does coffee make you pee as much as the other person who drink it as well? then the answer is no. It depends of the level of caffeine sensitivity, which could be measured from the weight. Particularly in teenagers, small amount of caffeine is enough to bring up huge side effect. In this case, you could say that this individual has high sensitivity to caffeine.

In addition to weight, age and medication are also the determining factors. Older people have low tolerance of caffeine. Probably that is why they slowly alter the choice from dark coffee to the lighter one. If you suffer from high blood pressure, check again for a medication called furosemide. It also carries diuretic effect.

While taking this drug, you don’t want to double the effect by sipping another cup of coffee. Otherwise, you will experience what is called “brick pee”. It is when you have red urine as the result of crystallized uric acid in the urinating system. In addition to the scary looking urine, you also have no power to stop the overflowing urination.

How Much Is Too Much?

When people nod their head when you ask: does coffee make you pee, you must have a lot of thoughts inside your head. Especially if you have a family, you will feel the responsibility to tell them the right amount to take. For kids and teenagers, the amount of daily coffee should be limited. There is no standard measurement, as the safe intake has not been found yet. Just make sure your kids have less coffee than you.

For adults, as much as 300mg caffeine per day is normal. It would be as much as three cups of daily coffee. There will be no specific changes in your body. Once you step out from this number, don’t be surprised if you find yourself going back and forth to the restroom.

So what is your favorite coffee? Espresso contains more or less 100mg of caffeine. This coffee is commonly served in the morning to accompany a warm toast. If you prefer drip coffee, then you have to limit your portion. Take maximum two cups per day, as it includes 150mg caffein in each cup. Keep in mind that you also need to calculate the other caffeine source such as soda, tea and commercial juice.

How to Reduce the Effect?

First of all, check whether you are caffeine sensitive. Look what happen after you drink it: does coffee make you pee? It is better to experiment with lighter coffee. If it turns out that your body reacts vigorously to the coffee, then avoid having one before any physical exercise. The combination of caffeine and high metabolism is overflowing excretion.

Another thing you have to keep your eyes on is the medication you are taking. It is better to remove coffee from your diet list and focus on your recovery progress. Unless you have consulted your doctor or have deep understanding about the composition in the drug, coffee will only make things worse. Does coffee make you pee? Yes, plus the other unpredictable false alarm in your body.

You could also play simple trick by timing your own metabolism. While doing simple experiment to measure your sensitivity to caffeine, you will find the exact time. For example, you will excrete the excessive water one hour after drinking coffee. Using this timing as the basis, you could schedule your daily caffeine intake and go to the restroom if needed, without delaying your job.

Aside from its long list benefits, you should be aware of the tiny, disturbing side effects: urinating. It is a natural system, but certain condition might trigger more severe effects. Make sure you take the right action, at least to reduce the urge to go to the restroom. Now that you have learned the facts, you could answer confidently for those who ask: “does coffee make you pee?”

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