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Why Does Coffee Make You Bloated? Here’s the Explanation

Why Does Coffee Make You Bloated? Here's the ExplanationWhy does coffee make you bloated? Is it because of the caffeine, the coffee beans, or maybe the additional ingredients or add-ins? Yes, coffee does make you bloated, but most people cannot skip this stimulating drink, especially during breakfast to jumpstart the day. Before taking another sip of your warm coffee or calling the waiter to order another cup, let’s discuss why coffee make you bloated and other side effects of drinking coffee.

Why Does Coffee Make You Bloated?

The bloating effect from drinking coffee does not take place immediately, but after certain period of time and excessive consumption. The worse scenario is you keep drinking coffee without knowing that your body has specific health condition that reacts negatively to it. If you are not sensitive enough about your own body condition, then you might be forced to give up your favorite morning drink.

1. Lactose Intolerance

If you wonder why does coffee make you bloated, the answer may not lay on the coffee, but on the additional sweetener like milk. The other dairy product such as cream might also be the culprit. Each of these ingredients has lactose, a type of sugar compound. Many grownups have difficulties to digest this compound because their small intestine doesn’t have enough lactase to break it.

It is easy to notice the sign: uneasy feeling in stomach, releasing more gas, experiencing stomach cramps, diarrhea, and vomiting. Don’t forget that you will also bloat, too. Surprisingly, there are more than 30 million people suffer this condition in United States only. You might also have this condition, too.

2. Digestive Problems

Question such as “does coffee make you bloated“ should not be asked if you already have disease called Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS. In short, experiencing IBS makes someone sensitive to coffee. If normal people take months before they experience regular symptoms, IBS patient will get the effect almost immediately. In addition to bloating, you will feel abdominal pain, fullness, diarrhea, nausea, gas, and constipation.

The other digestive problems are Crohn disease and Ulcerative Colitis. None of these diseases patient could tolerate caffeine in coffee.

3. Coffee Beans

Well, caffeine comes from the basic ingredients: coffee beans. How does coffee make you bloated, especially the beans? It pushes the production of gastric acid in stomach. Slowly but surely, this acid will overpower the Hydrochloric Acid or HCL, and resulting digestive problem. The domino effect is subsequent bloating on the body.

How Does Coffee Affect Your Body?

Answer for “does coffee make you bloated“question is just the beginning of the other threats. Whether you like it or not, coffee changes your body not for the better, but for the worse. The instant refreshing effect only last for hours, and believe it or not, you crave for longer effect then grab another cup. Beware of the next crushing consequences.

1. Acid Stomach

Drinking coffee each morning, noon and night is not the best thing to do in daily basis. You just keep swallowing more caffeine which triggers acid production in the stomach. At first, it helps the digestive system, but later on, the acid will dry up. When it happens, you may think that you have indigestion because you have less coffee than usual.

Besides having weaker stomach, you might be more vulnerable to bacterial infection. Yes, the fact says that bacteria will die in acidic environment. But do you forget the exception? H. pylori gains its power in highly acidic surrounding. Therefore, it is better to have normal level of acid inside your stomach.

2. Weak Esophageal

When does coffee make you bloated? It does if you have it for each meal. Moreover, this seemingly relaxing habit will weaken a muscle valve around the throat called esophageal sphincter. Without any decreasing amount of coffee supply, the muscle will fail to sort the food entering your stomach. As a result, you might experience heartburn, and sores. The affected muscle also get permanent adjustment.

3. Food Rotting

The proper place to digest chewed food is stomach. The small intestine job is to absorb the nutrition from the digested porridge. Considering the lack of acid in stomach, the muscle will abruptly push the half-digested food to the next section. The side effect is the leftover food sits inside the guts, since it cannot be accepted by the small intestines.

Leftover food in the stomach is not good either, since it will root and be the happy home for bacteria. The gut will be toxic, and the bacteria will slowly eat the digestive wall and make the inflammation worse.

4. Excessive Stomach Reaction

There is a neurochemical agent which job is calming the nerves. However, coffee could switch the natural reaction. Instead of calming, it stimulates digestion wave inside the stomach. As the result, you may experience laxative effect: the cramp around abdominal area and the urge to use bathroom.

Is There Any Solution?

You like coffee and you cannot stop enjoying it. Then, how to make it less dangerous to the body? There are some possible ways to reduce the bad reaction.

1. Skip Milk Or Creamer

Does coffee make you bloated? Yes, and even worse if your body cannot tolerate lactose. To solve this, you only need to quit pouring milk and creamer. You should start enjoying pure black coffee or substituting it with soy milk or rice milk.

2. Switch the Base

Sometimes, your body shows sign of allergic reactions even without having lactose intolerance or IBS. If this is the case, then try to drink coffee with chicory or barley based.

3. Quit Coffee

When the doctor diagnoses you with IBS, there is no other option than giving up your lovely warm cup of coffee.  The disease will show up in any sign of caffeine. Yes, even if just a drop of it. Probably it is time to switch to healthier option.

Those who have been addicted to coffee will find it difficult to stay away more than a day. While drinking coffee has become a habit, you have to realize that it haunts your back with terrors. Even though a cup of coffee could make you stay awake, it is actually not recommended for daily consumption. Drink your coffee wisely.

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