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Why Coffee Cause Anxiety Hours Later? How to Prevent It?

Why Coffee Cause Anxiety Hours Later? How to Prevent It?Lots of people love coffee. Not only is it because coffee is delicious, this beverage is also healthy. The caffeine inside coffee is an essential substance to boost your metabolism, mood, and physical and mental performance. Unfortunately, coffee brings side effect for some people: causing anxiety not long after it’s consumed. How can coffee cause anxiety hours later? Check the info below:

Does Coffee Cause Anxiety Hours Later?

As we all know that coffee contains caffeine. This substance that is present in most types of coffee has the ability to boost alertness. Once it’s drunk, caffeine works by blocking adenosine effects. This is a chemical in our brain that triggers the tired feeling.

At the same time, this substance also works in our body by releasing adrenaline, a certain hormone that is called “fight or flight” and that is associated with boosted energy.

Nevertheless, the role of caffeine in our body does vary depending on its dose taken by us. The higher the dose means the bigger the effects of the caffeine on our body. If caffeine is consumed at a high dose, the effects can be more pronounced, causing nervousness and also anxiety.

This effect of caffeine has been researched by the American Psychiatric Association. In their DSM or Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, it is said that anxiety disorder induced by caffeine is categorized as one of the four syndromes related to caffeine.

Anxiety is a response of our body to the situations perceived as threatening or worrisome. It then promotes and triggers the response of “fight or flight” from your body. As the result, caffeine makes you overreact to those situations that are not actually troublesome or dangerous.

Caffeine that is consumed at high amount can also make you agitated and irritable in situations that are usually fine for you. If you think you have developed anxiety, the caffeine in your coffee may worsen the symptoms.

How to Prevent This Anxiety?

After knowing that coffee cause anxiety hours later, you don’t necessarily need to give up coffee in your life. All you need to do is to know how to prevent anxiety from occurring to your after the coffee intake. There are some tips you need to know so that you can still enjoy this favorite beverage of yours comfortably:

First, learn about your drinking habit and track it. You need to know how much your caffeine intake is per day. The amount of caffeine intake should be totaled up from both coffee and other caffeinated beverages you usually drink every day. Once you get the total number, evaluate whether your caffeine intake surpasses the caffeine intake limit suggested by DFA.

Besides, you also need to track the time you usually consume caffeinated drink so that you won’t interrupt your sleeping cycle. It is suggested for you to consume your coffee and other caffeinated beverages at least 6 hours before bed.

Second, check your daily habits. If you are not sure if caffeine in your coffee can increase your anxiety some hours after the intake, you need to evaluate your daily habits. If you eat unhealthy food, get poor sleep, and don’t exercise, the issues from your caffeine intake are likely to happen. However, if you take care of your health well but still get anxious, you need to see your doctor to consult the best amount of caffeine intake your body can afford.

Now that you already know coffee cause anxiety hours later, you need to make sure you stay alert with the amount of coffee you consume. Coffee does bring you health benefits unless you are careless with the amount of your coffee intake and your poor daily habits.

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