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What Lies Behind Keurig Cup Sizes Strength

What Lies Behind Keurig Cup Sizes StrengthIf you are a coffee addict, then you may know well enough that the measure of the coffee to be blended matters. It determines the delicacy of the coffee that you drink. This concern also applies for Keurig coffee. You need to know the Keurig cup sizes strength before trying making your coffee using Keurig coffee machine.

Problem with Keurig Coffee

Do you happen to be familiar with Keurig coffee machine? One thing for sure about this coffee machine, it can brew coffee in fast pace. Therefore, many people choose this coffee maker among others. You can save much time in the morning if you really have a tight schedule. But there is one problem with this coffee maker.

You must have known that it is quite tricky to determine the right size of cup for your perfect coffee. Some models of Keurig coffee machine enables you to pick coffee from various cup sizes. But unfortunately, you are not told clearly which cup size will give you the best taste of coffee.

Why? It is obvious that each person has his/her own taste of ideal coffee. You might not know if the coffee taste that you think is the best does not taste that great for everybody else. To determine the best taste of coffee from Keurig machine is by doing trial and error. You need to choose the right coffee cup to brew.

Size Does Matter in Keurig Cup Sizes Strength

With this Keurig coffee maker, it features different coffee cup sizes. It ranges from 2 up to 5 cup sizes. Among choices, you have to choose which one is the best for you. You can say that it is one of benefits of Keurig coffee maker. The cup size to choose may differ for everyone.

The Keurig Platinum K75 K-Cup Coffee Brewer has several cup sizes ranging from 4 oz cup size to 12 oz cup size. If you consider having different amount of coffee to drink in different occasion, then you have such freedom to choose the cup size that is most suitable for you.

But, at least, you need to understand the basic rule when choosing the cup size for your Keurig coffee machine. Bear in mind that the larger the coffee cup size, the weaker the coffee will be. If you want to have a stronger cup of coffee, it is suggested to use the smaller cup size. Isn’t it quite easy to follow? Well, not really actually.

The coffee beans that you use will also determine the taste of your coffee. If you use the stronger roasted coffee such as Green Mountain Dark Magic, then you can get a very strong coffee. This strong coffee is generally labeled with “bold”, if you notice.

On the other hand, if you use moderate roasted coffee like Green Mountain Breakfast Blend, then it can be guaranteed that you will get weaker taste of coffee. So, let’s say that you want to use the Dark Magic beans, you can brew it using 12 oz coffee cup to make it taste great. If you are the one who enjoys strong coffee, though.

If you want to use Bed and Breakfast K-cup, you can choose 6 oz cup size to make great coffee. It is perfect for the one who enjoys mild coffee. Or, if you want to choose Green Mountain lake and Lodge K-cup, you can use 10 oz cup of coffee to meet your preferable taste of coffee.

In general, the Keurig cup sizes strength is determined by your own taste of coffee. You can make some experiments to see with cup size fits best for you. Don’t forget to also try different coffee beans to know the perfect cup size for them. Good luck with your coffee!

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