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What Is White Tea: All the Things You Should Know About the Tea

What is white tea? You probably have such a question when you have seen the many variants of tea available on the market. Green, black, and white tea are getting more and more popular these days – mostly claimed as the healthy beverage that can improve your overall health and fitness level. But what’s so special about white tea? How is it different from the other tea variants?

What Is White Tea: Understanding More about the Variant

What Is White Tea: All the Things You Should Know About the TeaBasically, all kinds of teas (white, black, green) are coming from the same tea plant. However, the way they are plucked and processed will determine the outcome and also the quality of the tea. Unlike the other tea variants, white tea is plucked at the earliest stage and undergone the minimal processing. It is believed that the healthy contents of white tea are bigger and higher than the others because of the way the leaves are treated and processed. The greater thing about the minimal processing is the fact that the healthy contents remain intact and high while the caffeine level is lower than the other variants.

Does white tea have the same powerful contents as the others? In fact, the contents are higher than the others variants. If you consume the white tea on a regular basis – at least 2 cups a day – you can minimize the possibility of heart problems, oral health, cancer, early aging, and other ailments. Thanks to the powerful vitamins, nutrients, and minerals, the tea can actually boost your immune system and improve your general health in the simplest way. And in the event you want to lose weight, the white tea is claimed to also help – although it still requires further studies and research.

So, how do you compare white tea and coffee? Naturally, the white tea is better and healthier. Despite the claim that coffee is good for improved mental clarity and focus, white tea can deliver more benefits in your health regime. After all, the caffeine in white tea isn’t as high as the coffee so you won’t have to worry about being jittery or nervous – all the side effects related to coffee consumption.

Is it better than the well-known green tea? Most health experts believe so. Because of the minimal processing, the natural and healthy contents of white tea remain intact – at least higher than those of the green tea. With lower caffeine and higher antioxidants and vitamins, it is obvious than white tea is the absolute winner.

The General Health Benefits of White Tea

Now that your question about what is white tea has been answered, it is time to know more about the health benefits. First of all, the white tea has high level of fluoride and tannins. It also contains flavonoids, like polyphenols and catechins. All of these substances are great to boost your immune system, strength, and overall bodily system. Of course, there are more of the health benefits to enjoy.

White tea is rich in antioxidant; one of them is the polyphenols. Every day, we are exposed to the harmful pollutants, dirt, dust, and other chemicals. Not to mention that our body produces waste matter in the form of toxins and free radicals. They are the ones responsible for all the diseases and health problems. Antioxidants will neutralize the free radicals while removing them from the body at the same time.

Not to mention that free radicals can cause early aging signs – wrinkles, fine lines, and sun spots or freckles. Thanks to the white tea, you can improve your health as well as preventing those early aging symptoms.  That’s why people who consume white tea on a daily basis often said to look younger, fitter, and better. They have glowing skin – thanks to the antioxidants and the vitamin E, the one responsible for the skin health and firmness.

Now that you know about the true facts of what is white tea, you should already know that it is packed with all the natural and healthy vitamins. As it was mentioned before, the vitamin E is the one good for the skin. It also has vitamin C, which will improve and strengthen your immune system. You can enjoy the benefits of having an improved health while managing yourself to look forever appealing and youthful. Here are some other benefits of the white tea:

  • Better oral health. White tea has the natural substance that can prevent bacterial infestation and attack, especially the ones on the mouth. You can expect reduced risk of tooth cavity or tooth decay.
  • Cancer prevention. There are so many helpful agents that can prevent the formation of cancerous cells in the body.
  • Diabetes improvement. Diabetic people can experience improved symptoms as their glucose level rises
  • Heart issue. Aside from the fact that the substances can reduce the blood pressure, it is also able to minimize the risk of plaque buildup.

The Proper Way to Consume the Tea

Consuming warm white tea may be fun on the cold days but it is certainly odd to do so on the hot summer days. That’s why you can always make a cold white tea. You need to use fresh, clean, and pure water to make the tea. Heat it up but turn it off at the first sign of boiling – the water shouldn’t be too hot so it won’t destroy all the natural and healthy substances. It is a good idea to let the water sit for 10 minutes before you steep it with the white tea leaves. 2 teaspoon of the leaves would be enough for a cup.

If you want to use the white tea to lose weight, minimize the sweetener. Some people may use milk, sugar, and honey altogether. Be advised that a plain white tea may have less than 10 calories but, naturally, as you add more sweetener, the calories will add up.

In short, consuming the white tea is good for your health. It is healthy. It is invigorating. It is refreshing. But minimize the sweetener or any additional mixture that can cause the calories to add up. Now that you know what is white tea, would you be interested in consuming it on a regular basis?

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