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What Is the Meaning of Tea Toddler? Are You a Tea Toddler?

What Tea Toddler Means? Are You a Tea Toddler?Does anybody know what tea toddler means? It doesn’t sound nice when translated word by word. Then once again, what does this term mean? Some people guess that this term has something to do with drinking tea. Many people love tea, but they don’t get this title. So, is there more to it?

What Is the Meaning of Tea Toddler? Are You One of Them?

Instead of tea toddler, people are more familiar to the terms “teetotaler”. It refers to an individual who refuse to drink any kind of liquor; wine, spirits, whiskey, beer, etc. They have indifferent opinion about these beverages. Not only intoxicating, these liquors are not doing any good for the body.

Teetotaler then turns their focus on coffee and tea only. It is a must for them to order coffee or tea only in any occasion, even in the formal invitations. In modern world, teetotaler comes from humbler origin: the accustomed palate. Many people refuse to drink liquor simply because they cannot accept the taste.

Compared to teetotaler, tea toddler takes even more restricted option. A teetotaler could enjoy both tea and coffee, anything but alcoholic beverages. A tea toddler, however, will only take the tea. Some people say that they have refined palate, so delicate they cannot take new taste without flinching.

The First Origin of the Word

As mentioned previously, what tea toddler means has close relation to teetotaler. The term “teetotaler” was declared back in 1832, when Dicky Turner, an alcoholic, vow that he will take “teetotal abstinence”. In the other words, he refused to get involved with any kind of liquor in any way possible. The last word of his speech says “nothing but teetotal pledge will do”.

At that time, the use of “tee” mentioned by Turner was seen as the stuttering act. There was a record of him walking into the meeting not in sober state. Therefore, the speech delivered at the Temperance (movement to limit or reduce the consumption of alcohol) was not enunciated properly. Another theory argues that Turner never made such mistakes previously. Thus, the word “tee” must be used to emphasized the word “total”

In Temperance community, there are two kinds of pledge: total and moderation. The difference of these two pledge is quite clear. Moderation pledge encourage the person not to drink spirits. While the total pledge, as expected, ban any kind of liquor. Those who are interested to join the pledge usually start from the moderation, then slowly adapt to the total.

What People Say About Tea Toodlers

Many people who have the tendency of being a tea toddler usually doesn’t recognize they are one. Thing starts to feel a little different as people around them give them the nickname, particularly when the tea toddlers order a cup of tea in a coffee shop. Some might pay no attention, but the others might say unkind words:

  • “Hey, are you tea toddlers? The cappuccino is the best drink here. Why order tea?”
  • “Yo, tea toddlers! The tea shop is on the next block!”
  • “Look at the tea toddler! He orders tea in a coffee shop! What a waste…”

What Tea Toddler Says to Refuse Liquor and Coffee

It is hard to be a tea toddler, particularly when they cannot tolerate liquor or coffee at all. Those who can take a sip or two could be social drinker, but for the rest, they got to do something. An invitation to formal dinner cannot be avoided forever, so it is better to start practicing the lines.

  • “No, thank you.”
  • “Thank you, but I’m currently cutting liquor for health reason. I would appreciate if you could help me out”
  • “Can I have non-alcohol drink, please?”

It is also important to look to the waiter or host offering the liquor in the eyes. Don’t forget to smile while explaining the excuse.

In western culture, the popular beverages include alcohol: beer, whiskey, vodka, etc. There is also the culture of drinking coffee in the morning. While this might seem odd for several parties, tea toddlers will have nothing but a cup of tea.  It is part of their habit, so there is nothing to worry about.

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