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What Is Hibiscus Tea Good For? What Is the Side Effects?

What Is Hibiscus Tea Good For? What Is the Side Effects?Many of us may wonder about what is hibiscus tea good for because this tea is very popular around the world. This tea is made from the flower of Hibiscus sabdariffa or commonly known as Roselle. Many people around the world, especially women, are consuming this tea to lose their weight quickly. This article will show you some benefits and also the side effects you need to know from hibiscus tea.

What Is Hibiscus Tea Good for Our Body?

Indeed, hibiscus tea is good for our body if we drink it continuously. Many of us simply drink this tea to take care our skin since it has a lot of vitamin C, minerals, and various antioxidants. However, this tea has several other benefits for our body. These following information are about what is hibiscus tea good for our health:

Protects Liver

We know that hibiscus tea contains a lot of various antioxidants that not just good for skin health but also can help you in treating liver disease. These antioxidants can counterbalance the free radicals presents in body tissues and cells that may harm your health.

Lowering Cholesterol

Other substances in hibiscus tea are hypolipidemic and hypoglycemic which is good to reduce levels of your LDL cholesterol from your body. Moreover, drinking hibiscus tea can help you against heart diseases and protect blood vessel from damage. Thus, if you have blood sugar disorder like diabetes, you can consume this tea regularly. Some research says that people with type II diabetes should drink sour hibiscus tea to lowers cholesterol, triglycerides and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol because it helps them to deal with unpredictable diseases.

Blood Pressure Management

In hibiscus tea, you can find antihypertensive and cardioprotective properties. Both properties are good for them who suffer from hypertension and people with high risk of cardiovascular diseases. Most of the studies about people who consume hibiscus tea regularly can lower their blood pressure in pre-hypertensive and mildly hypertensive adults.

According to research by Tufts University in Boston, drinking hibiscus tea regularly three cups every day for a few weeks can reduce your blood pressure up to 10 points. If you are suffering from hypertension, then it is good for you to consume this tea regularly. It is not recommended for you who have hypotension.

Anti-Inflammatory and Antibacterial Properties

The ascorbic acid or known as vitamin C in the hibiscus tea can increase and stimulate your immune system because it is an essential nutrient expected by your body. You can prevent yourself catching a cold and flu with drinking hibiscus tea because it has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Because of its cooling effect, you can also drink this tea to reduce the fever.

Menstrual Pain

Many women suffer from cramps and menstrual pain. It is not good for you to drink too much medicine to reduce the pain. It is better for you to consume hibiscus tea. This tea can help your body to balance hormones. When this happens, the following symptoms of menstruation like mood swings, depression, and overeating will decrease. You will feel more comfortable.

Anti-Cancer Properties

Cancer and tumor are very deadly diseases that we want to avoid. In addition to have a healthy lifestyle, we should take care of what we consume. Drinking hibiscus tea may help us in preventing our body from cancer and tumor. This tea has hibiscus protocatechuic acid which contains anti-tumor and antioxidants essence. The study from Department and Institute of Biochemistry at Chung Shan Medical and Dental College said that this tea could slow down the growth of cancerous cells by influencing apoptosis or cell death.

Antidepressant Properties

If you have anxiety and depression problems, you need to drink this hibiscus tea that will help you to relax your mind and body. Your nervous system can calm down slowly because there are properties in the hibiscus tea like flavonoids that will help you to reduce your anxiety and depression feeling.

The Side Effects When Consuming Hibiscus Tea

After discussing what hibiscus tea good for our health is, you can’t say that consuming hibiscus tea has no side effect. It is true that the tea is very good for our body and health, and even it helps us in reducing our weight quickly. There are side effects that you need to aware rather than only know information about what is hibiscus tea good for.

Pregnancy and Fertility

It is not recommended for you who are in pregnancy because hibiscus tea has emmenagogue effects. This effect is to stimulate menstruation. It means that when you are drinking this tea can increase the blood flow to the uterus or pelvic region. You need to ask your doctor first when you are in treatments or taking birth control pills.

Blood Pressure

Do you have low blood pressure or hypotension? Do not drink hibiscus tea or your blood pressure is going to lower and may harm your health. This tea contains a high essence of anti-hypertensive property. If you are drinking this tea, you may have faintness, dizziness and even higher risk, like damaging heart or brain.

Hallucinatory Effects

When you want to try hibiscus tea for the first time, you need to do it at home or at least safe place because you will never know the impact of the tea on your body. Some people can feel intoxicated until having hallucination after drinking this tea. Before you drink this tea, you may ask your doctor first just to make sure that the tea is safe for your body.


Stop drinking the tea if there is a sign of you are allergic to the tea. This tea may develop allergic reaction for some people like itchy red eyes, sinus, or hay fever after consuming the tea. Just be careful when you experience those sign.

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