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What Is Full City Roast? Roasting Guide for Coffee Lovers

What Is Full City Roast? Roasting Guide for Coffee LoversTo make a great coffee, the coffee beans should be roasted to enhance the flavor of the coffee. The roasting process is varied based on the taste of the coffee you want to get. One of the popular coffee flavors is this full city roast which tastes bittersweet with rich roast taste.

What Full City Roast Is

There are different kinds of roasting process that will result in different coffee taste. Basically, there are four categories of the roasting process, light, medium, medium-dark, and dark. The different roasting here makes the coffee has a different amount of caffeine and among the four of them, Full City Roast is quite popular.

Full City Roast or medium-dark roast is one of coffee the roasting degrees. The coffee beans from this roasting process have a darker color and you will also see some oil on the surface of the beans. To make this coffee, the beans are roasted in about 225 or 230 degree Celsius. The roasting process of the coffee beans makes this coffee rich in flavor and aroma.

What Makes It Different from Other Coffee

Since the roasting process of the coffee beans is different, the aftertaste of the coffee will also differ. Before you buy your own coffee beans, you need to know the differences between the four of them.

  • Roasting Process

The first difference between Full City Roast and other coffee is the roasting process. The light roast is roasted in 205 degrees Celsius and it will result in first crack or expansion in size. The medium roast or also known as city roast is roasted between the end of the first crack and before the second crack.

To have the richer and darker color of the medium-dark roast, the coffee beans are roasted at the beginning of the second crack. The last roasting process is the dark roast where the coffee beans turn dark brown or almost black since it is roasted at the end of the second crack.

  • Appearance

Since those four roasting processes are different from one another, the appearance of the coffee beans after roasted are also different. The light roast has a light brown color and the beans are dry so it doesn’t have any oil on the surface. The medium roast has a medium brown color with no oil, like the light roast. And dark roast has a darker color with the gloss of oil in the surface.

  • Taste

The noticeable difference from those roasting processes is the taste of the coffee. The light roast is not sweet and it has prominent toasted grain taste. The medium roast doesn’t have that toasted grain taste and it has balanced flavor, and most of the coffee you find out there use this medium roast process because of its original taste.

Compared to those two roasting processes, the medium-dark roast has a quite prominent spicy flavor. It is also quite sweet, unlike its appearance. If you happen to taste more bitter taste, it is because of the low quality of the coffee beans. While medium-dark still maintains the original coffee flavor, the dark roast doesn’t have it, but you will only taste bitter and smoky flavor when drinking this coffee.

  • Caffeine

Another difference between that four roasted coffee is the amount of caffeine they have. If you have a lower tolerance of caffeine, you can drink dark roast or Full City Roast because the roasting process decreases the caffeine of the coffee. But, if you need stronger caffeine intake, you can try the light roast and medium roast.

Why You Should Drink This Coffee Immediately

After you have known the differences of the roasting process, you need to determine which coffee you should drink. Actually, each people has different coffee preferences, but trying to taste Full City Roast is a must.

This Full City Roast is actually used by different coffee companies to create their coffee signature. It is because the beans have less oil and they don’t have high moisture content. It makes the coffee becomes lighter to drink by anyone.

The amount of caffeine has also become the main reason why you should try this coffee. The amount of caffeine is moderate and if you have a lower tolerance of caffeine; you can drink this coffee just fine.

Compared to other types of coffee, this medium-dark roast is the cheapest to ship and it makes it easy to find everywhere. It also means that you don’t need to travel far only to drink this coffee because you might find it at the local store near your area.

The full city has darker color compared to the city roast. The roasting process of the coffee beans results to bittersweet taste that is quite different from the common coffee taste. If you only taste the bitterness, it is because of the low quality of the coffee beans.

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