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What Is Actually Bone Dry Cappuccino? How to Make It?

What Is Actually Bone Dry Cappuccino? How to Make It?If you are trying to find the literal description of bone dry cappuccino, you will be confused. Particularly, if you can’t even order it in most coffee shops. Most coffee shops will only serve 3 variants of cappuccino, which are wet, standard, and dry cappuccino. Being familiar with cappuccino itself doesn’t help much with the definition. Here, we will discuss all things about bone dry cappuccino.

All Cappuccino Start with Espresso

Before we delve into cappuccino, and especially bone dry cappuccino, we need to know about espresso, because this is the basic of a cappuccino. Espresso is a concentrated coffee with a thick layer of crema on top of it. Espresso is made by forcing a high pressure of hot water through ground coffee. Compared to normal coffee that is made by pouring hot water on top of gound coffee, also commonly known as drip coffee.

The easiest way to differentiate between coffee and espresso is its crema. Only a properly made espresso have crema. A crema is a flavorful and aromatic froth of coffee. It forms when air bubles combine with the oil of ground coffee. The more apparent its crema is, the better the espresso.

Espresso have a rich flavor of coffee. The taste will be too intense for non-coffee lovers. Espresso is used as basic foundation of many coffee drinks, from cappuccino to latte.

Espresso with its crema
Espresso with its crema

What Is Cappuccino?

What we call as cappuccino is a standard variant cappuccino, a coffee that is made with equal parts of espresso at the bottom, steamed milk, and milk froth at the top. It taste sweet and flavorful with some coffee aftertaste. Cappuccino sometimes is flavored with cinnamon or chocolate powder. This coffee is popular to both coffee lovers and non coffee lovers. Most restaurants only serve this kind of variant even if the other variants only a matter of changing its steamed milk and frothed milk proportion.

The Variants of Cappuccino That You Need to Know

Although the name takes the word “bone”, you should not think that the real bone is included. In fact, you should be concerned of the composition in the cup. There are 5 variants of cappuccino in total: super wet, wet, classic/standard, dry, and bone dry. The most important part of this cappuccino variant is its steamed milk proportion. Here’s the detail all of it:

  • Super Wet

This cappuccino comprises of an espresso and a lot of steamed milk with a little froth. Those who hate the bitter taste from espresso need to try this variant. This type of cappuccino is basically a latte. Instead of balancing the sweet and bitter after taste of a cappuccino, super wet will bring you closer to latte. Coffee shop won’t include it in the menu, unless you specifically mention the name. Super wet variant really bend the standard rule of regular cappuccino making.

  • Wet

This variant also has more steamed milk than frothed milk, but not as extreme as super wet variant. This variant is suitable for those who love more liquid on their cup (compared to standard cappuccino). It might also work for the coffee lovers who prefer to pair their coffee with milk or creamer to wash away the bitterness. It is even called as milk beverage with coffee, referring to the domination of milk and foam in each serving.

  • Dry

This variant consist of 1 part of espresso, a little of steamed milk, and a lot of frothed milk. This is considered dry because it doesn’t have much steamed milk “to wet” the cappuccino. If your cappuccino order taste more like a latte, you might want to order dry cappuccino next time.

  • Bone Dry

The last variant is bone dry, a cappuccino without steamed milk at all. So it will be 1 part of espresso and 2 parts of frothed milk. It’s so dry that it’s called as bone dry. It’s a pain to make, because for 16 oz of cappuccino, it will need 32 oz on milk, yes, you read it right, twice as much its final product! This is why not all barista will serve you this drink. It’s more time consuming to make and wasteful. However, if you really like it, it’s worth to ask.

There’s a sub variant of this cappuccino, that is the frothed milk at the same amount as the espresso. This sub variant taste almost the same as normal bone dry.

Why Do People Drink Dry and Bone Dry Cappuccino?

Instead of saying that bone dry cappuccino is popular, it is more acceptable to describe it as a coffee that could satisfy its fan. Not everyone could accept the taste of this unique coffee. However for those who love the sensation of foam over sweet milk, it is a tasty alternative.

By putting more foam on the basic espresso shot, some coffee lovers say that the heat could be preserved longer. Soft and abundant foam on bone dry cappuccino would also be a perfect canvas for the latte artists. The media would be more spacious and dense, allowing the artists to display their creativity.

How to Make Bone Dry by Yourself?

If you don’t know yet about bone dry cappuccino, ordering it in the coffee shop is going to be a waste. First, you will waste the money you spend, in case you are not fond of the taste. Then, you might unconsciously offend the barista. For your information, the process of making this variant takes longer time and drain more milk supply. You should understand why the barista glares at you if you put on the lid after the first sip.

Ordering bone dry cappuccino from a coffee shop might the fastest way, but you also have the option to go with safest way. Remember that you can’t adjust the cappuccino to your taste if you take it from the shop. The steps you are going to do are simple, and all the ingredients are familiar and easy to get in the nearby store. It would be perfect if you also own espresso machine. Or else, you could brew your espresso manually.

  • Steaming Milk

Pour milk to fill a measure cup then pour it into the saucepan. Usually, you use full cream or skim milk. These two will present more foam. Set the heat to low on the stove. Let it simmer until bubble is formed on the sides. While doing this step, you are not allowed to lose focus. Take the saucepan the moment you see boiling bubble.

  • Whipping Milk

Put the hot pan with shimmering milk on top of your counter. Grab a whisk or turn on the mixer. Don’t rest until you get foamy texture. Add the whisking speed once you see a part of the warm milk transform to foam. When you get enough thickness, stop the whisking process.

  • Preparing Coffee

First, you need to take the ground espresso from your stock. Pour six ounces of water to the tube for every two tablespoons of coffee. This is the ideal measurement for bone dry cappuccino.

  • Brewing Espresso

Now let your coffee machine works. Any type will do: French press, automatic drip, even the espresso machine! Put the brewed coffee in a cup and you are ready for the final touch.

  • Adding Foam

Skip the milk part. You already have all you need to make bone dry cappuccino. Fill the glass with 1/3 of espresso and the rest with foam only. You could also add the portion of the espresso, as long as the foam dominates the glass.

Normal espresso would include espresso, steamed milk and milk froth. For bone dry one, you will only get a thin layer of espresso and very thick milk foam. If you raise your eyebrow for the composition, it is better not to order this unique variant next time. Those who are curious could make their own bone dry cappuccino at home first.

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