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What Is a Percolator and How We Use It to Make Coffee?

What Is a Percolator and How We Use It to Make Coffee?What is a percolator? Do you know about it? A coffee addict usually has special tools to make their favorite coffee in their home. Actually, there are several ways to make a cup of coffee. The simplest way is like using instant coffee. Even you can only put it at the mug and adds hot water. Yet, if you like to enjoy coffee or even coffee beans, you can use percolator. It seems not that modern, but is quite popular among the coffee lovers. This following explanation will tell you about what is a percolator.

What Is a Percolator?

What do we need when we want to make a cup of coffee? Before there were automatic drip coffee makers, the coffee percolator is quite popular among coffee lovers. Since 1970s, this coffee percolator is replaced with by automatic drip coffee makers.

Some of us usually prepare coffee percolator to make coffee. It is like a pot for brewing coffee. When we see it, we will find a pot with a chamber at the bottom. The chamber is closest to the heat source. You will also find a vertical tube contribute from the chamber o the top of the coffee percolator. While beneath the upper end of this tube is a penetrated chamber. The base part become at the top level of chamber, while the water is in the bottom side. When the water is boiling, it go up of the tube, all over the base, cooling down the water, then back down at the base chamber. This process is cycling continuously.

Short History of Coffee Percolator

First part, you know what is a percolator and now this part will tell you about the history of percolator. American-born British physicist and soldier Count Rumford, known as Sir Benjamin Thompson (1753-1814) invented the percolating coffee pot. Following his initiating work with Batavian Army, around 1810 and 1814, he invented the coffee percolator pot. In the same time, he improved the soldier’s diet as well as their clothing. Actually, he was heat with alcohol and refused to consume tea. It was a reason why he was promoting the use of coffee as stimulating benefits. In 1971, Count of the Holy Roman Empire gave to him, and has tittle of Reichsgraf von Rumford. This first generation of coffee percolator did not use the rising of boiling water by a tube to form a continuous cycle.

A few years late around 1819, the new and more modern percolator was introducing to people. In this time, the coffee percolator was capable of being heated on your kitchen stove by Parisian tinsmith Joseph-Henry-Marie Laurens. After it, years by years the coffee percolator creates more modern and easy to use.

How to Make Coffee Using Percolator

Not only about what is a percolator, you can find how to make a coffee using percolator. If you want to make a coffee using percolator you need to prepare a percolator and heat source, coffee, water, and some coffee beans. You can use coarse grind of coffee because the water will be very hot and in a lot of touch with the grounds. Be careful in maintaining the temperature because it is vital. The ideal temperature is usually between 1950-2000 F. if you are using traditional percolator, it is directly placed to the heater and will boil continuously more than 2100 F. While the newer percolator today will stop to persistent cycling but still get too hot.

First thing you have to do is open the percolator and pour some cool water into the bottom of chamber. You can add six to eight ounces per cup. The water must be beneath the top chamber when it is assembled. The second step is to put the chamber and tube together into the percolator. After it you just need to put coffee to the highest side of chamber. You can give the coffee about two or more of teaspoon.

After it of course you need to place the percolator on the heat source. Wait it until the temperature is going hotter until water at the bottom of chamber boils. In this condition the water is forcing to go to the top where some of it goes down at the perforated lid of coffee chamber. The water than go through the coffee grounds, out done the bottom of the coffee chamber. The water then goes drops into water in the base of the pot.

Soon, the water boils again and the process in continuously repeated. After it, the water then continually drips through the grounds until the temperature reaches the boiling point and your coffee is ready to drink. If you use the old style of percolator, then you need to reduce the heat at this point because you cannot allow the coffee to boil. If it is ready, you can put your mug and pour the coffee there. You can add some cream or sugar as you want.

Compare the Coffee Percolator with Drip Machine

The most reason why people change the percolator with drip machine is that the drip machine seems more convenient. If your busy in the morning but needs to drink a cup of coffee, having drip machine is very good choice. As you can see that make a coffee using coffee percolator is quite difficult and complicated. It need many requires and long process. Even, it is hard to us to keep the temperature as what we want while using the drip machine is only require for the user to fill it up and switch it on. However, when you choose the coffee percolator you will get some problems. In the drip machine, you can use finely ground beans and the water is filtered only once. The water then goes through the coffee beans when it reaches the temperature goal. You may do not like it because the final coffee usually light or weak.

Whatever you will use to make a coffee by using drip machine or coffee percolator, it is up to you. Since, both of the machines have different way to brew your coffee. Though the percolator is quite hard to use, it have special coffee taste. That’s all about what is a percolator.

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