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What Does Matcha Taste Like? Learn More About Matcha Taste Here

What Does Matcha Taste Like? Learn More About Matcha Taste HereWhat does matcha taste like? Matcha is a green tea powder that offers greater antioxidant than green tea. After knowing the benefits, there are many people who are interested in it. However, most of us still do not know about its taste. Actually, the taste is different depending on its grade. Anyway, it is very interesting and important to discuss it more.

What Does Matcha Taste Like Compared to Green Tea?

There are many people who think that matcha is same with green tea. Actually, they come from the same plant but they have different forms. So, before talking farther about what matcha tastes like, it will be better to know about their differences. The differences can be seen from some aspects:

1. Color

Based on the color, matcha looks brighter green compared to green tea where green tea may look brown & dull. Mattcha has a vibrant color because it contains powerful polyphenol, high level of chlorophyll.

2. Texture

Based on the texture, matcha is a fine powder. Besides that, it feels smooth when you touch it like talc. On the other hand, green tea will feel gritty when you touch it. It feels like crushed-up leaves.

3. Taste

They are also different on the taste. What does matcha taste like? Premium grades of matcha has the better taste compared to green tea because green tea taste more bitter. Ceremonial grade of matcha does not require additional sugar, dairy products or sweetener to make it tasty.

4. Processing

After knowing about what does matcha powder taste like, we know that it is different from green tea. However, the difference also relates to the processing. Both of them are harvest hand. Then, the stems & veins are carefully removed from the leaves. Then, they are stone ground into matcha tea powder.

5. Preparation

The next difference relates to the preparation. Matcha is best mixed with hot water under 180 degrees of Fahrenheit whereas green tea is commonly boiled to 212 degrees of Fahrenheit that destroys the benefits of its nutrition.

6. Nutrition

Another difference is on the nutrient. You can find a very big difference here. A cup of matcha equals to 15 cups of green tea. It means that matcha is much more nutritious compared to green tea.

The Tastes of Matcha Green Tea Powder Based on the Grades

Based on the grades, matcha is divided into 3. They are ceremonial grade, latte grade, and culinary grade. So, what does matcha taste like for each of them? We will discuss one by one clearly below.

1. Ceremonial Grade Matcha

This is the first grade of macha green tea powder. What does ceremonial macta taste like? According to many people, it tastes so smooth with delicately grassy. Compared to the other grades, it is considered as the highest grade. That is why it has the most expensive price. The price range is from 77 up to 83 dollars per packet.

2. Latte Grade Matcha

The second grade of matcha is latte grade. It also tastes smooth even though it is not as smooth as ceremonial grade matcha. It has mildly taste that is very delicious. This is the medium grade so that it is lower than culinary grade but higher than commercial grade. For the price, it is about 52 dollars per pack.

3. Culinary Grade Matcha

Different from the previous grades where they are the first harvest, culinary grade is premium second harvest. What does matcha taste like for culinary grade? It is moderately grassy bitter. However, it is not bad. As the lowest grade, the price is also least expensive. You can buy it at about 38 dollars per pack.

How to Make Matcha Green Tea Powder Tastier

If you still want more, actually you can make matcha much more delicious. Firstly, you have to choose the right grade based on your desired taste. Besides that, you should also make sure that the matcha is from Japan. Next, you also must pay attention to the color because it should be green. If you want affordable one, you can consider cold-brew matcha. Then, you have to try the following tips:

1. Brew with Warm Water

The first tip is related to the brewing. In this case, you need to brew it with warm water. You cannot brew it with boiling water. Boiling water will reduce the nutrients contained in matcha significantly. For the best result, I recommend you to use 150 to 175 degrees of water. Then, blend the matcha powder with it using a whisk. The ratio can be based on the drinker’s desire. What to keep in mind is that more matcha will make it thicker and frothier.

2. Try Matcha if You Are Bored with Coffee

If you are bored with coffee, it will be a good idea to try matcha. What does matcha taste like? As it is discussed above, matcha comes in different tastes. Matcha also becomes one of the “calm energy” sources because of the caffeine content. Even more, it also contains other beneficial properties such l’theanine as an amino acid which works with caffeine synergically to boost one’s cognitive performance. It also keeps your energy longer. So, matcha can be a perfect alternative when coffee makes you feel jittery.

3. Let Matcha Linger in Mouth

There are many health experts especially in Japan who suggest patients to use matcha as their mouthwash. It can attacks plague that causes bacteria between gum line and teeth. Even more, it can also decrease the risk of some diseases. That is why matcha is really good for health.

That is all what you need to know about matcha. We should not be confused again about the question of what does matcha taste like. Now, we know that matcha is better than green tea. So, besides beneficial for health, it is also tasty. Therefore, matcha can be a good plan for your daily beverages. You can replace your unhealthy drinks with matcha.

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