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Using Coffee Ground to Drive Away Garden Pests?

Using Coffee Ground to Drive Away Garden Pests?Thinking about using coffee grounds to reduce the garden pests? Some says that it works, while some others don’t agree with the opinion. There must be fundamental reason for the result difference. Many gardeners have used it anyway, but they don’t understand the details yet.

Coffee Grounds and Garden Pests

Having a nice garden is the dream of many gardeners. However, the pests won’t let it happen easily. One of the most hated garden pests is slug. It sneaks at night and nip on the garden plants. Spotting slug is not an easy job, since the pest could slip into the plants. Then how to prevent these pests to destroy the plants?

  • Pouring Coffee Ground Powder Around The Plants

The first and most used option is pouring the coffee ground in circle motion around the plants. There is no guidance about the minimum amount of the coffee ground. One thing for sure: the coffee water should be strained beforehand. Different kind of coffee has various level of alkaline. In some cases, the plants died the next morning after the gardener pour a cup of coffee on it.

The main reason for slugs to avoid the coffee ground is the texture. Since slug has slimy body, the rough texture of coffee ground will hurt the pests. Therefore, they will prey another plant without coffee ground barrier. Although no research has proven this theory, it is quite logical.

  • Spraying Coffee Liquid On The Plants

One more popular option is spraying the coffee on the plants. Probably the reason for this habit is the experiment back in 2006. A group of scientists could kill slugs by spraying coffee directly to it. Of course, the coffee used is not normal coffee, but three times stronger. Since slugs easily slip into the plants, the gardeners opt to pour the whole cup of coffee. Sometimes, it doesn’t give good result.

Gardeners’ Reason to Love Coffee Grounds

If the gardeners want pesticides, there are lots of them sold online and in the market. The price is also reasonable. However, some of them are more interested in using coffee as their pesticides. What are the reasons?

  • Natural Ingredients

The most obvious difference of coffee and the commercial pesticide is the natural element. While the commercial pesticide contains lots of artificial substance, coffee ground could offer more safe approach. The alkaline in coffee emits certain aroma which pests hated. Even when coffee grounds fail as the protective barrier, at least ants and slugs are not going to dig the soil.

  • Double Benefits

The second reason is more personal. Who doesn’t like coffee? The coffee then belong to the gardeners and the waste could be placed on the plant soil. Moreover, it could be purchased in any shop!

The Unique Law in Europe Union

Back in 2012, there is an announcement from Royal Heritage Society that might surprise a lot of gardeners. The use of coffee as natural pesticide is prohibited. If the gardeners are spotted pouring coffee in their garden to drive pests away, they will be fined. The reason is quite simple; the government has not declared that coffee is safe for short and long term use. Thus, it  belongs to “dangerous” category.

The funny thing about the rule is the way to walk around it. If the gardeners mix the coffee to the soil then the slugs died because of the coffee effect, they are no longer under the previous rule.

Coffee aroma and texture are not loved by the pests. This is the one of the advantages of coffee grounds for reducing garden pests. While applying coffee ground to the plants, don’t forget to check the country laws! No one wants to get arrested because of coffee ground as pesticides!

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