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Using Bay Leaf Tea as Natural Remedy to Get Rid of Bunions

Bay Leaf Tea to Get Rid of Bunions - Natural Home TreatmentIf you suffer from bunions on your feet, you can always ask for professional help without being necessary to go for the surgery. Surprisingly, you can make use of some natural home remedies to help you relieve the pain, realign it to a normal condition, and also to get rid of this bunion, that is, the bay leaf tea to get rid of bunions from your feet.

What Are Bunions?

Bunions are considered as the outward protrusions the joints. These abnormal growth of the bone usually happen in the inner parts of the joints particularly below the big toes. These additional bones are which make the bones to be protruding outwards. Bunions are also able to irritate your skin which may cause severe pain.

The medical name of Bunion is Hallux Valgus. The bunions are believed to be the salt deposits and the formations of them is actively due to poor metabolism and gout. The improper and also the results of wearing such uncomfortable shoes may also affect bunions to grow more painful and enlarged.

When people suffer from painful joints, it may lead to the problem when walking or doing the exercise. From the research, most bunions always lead to the hip pain, the knee pain and also the lower back pain. For long period of time, if the bunions are left untreated, they will soon become sore and stiff.

How to Use Bay Leaf Tea to Get Rid of Bunions?

There are several ways of making use of bay leaves to treat the bunions. It is believed that this leaf is the effective natural remedy to remove bunions as it is a very powerful diuretic. How does it work?

The leaf will dissolve the excess salt from the body which is accumulated in the joints and causing bunions and gout. This leaf helps to decrease the bunion size and remove the severe pain from the joint. The ingredients of the leaf work best from both outside and inside the body. The function of this bay leaf is to reduce the inflammation and the pain caused by bunions.

One simple way is to drink the tea. How to make the tea from this bay leaf? Take six bay leaves and then crush them using the spice blender or grinder until they turn into powder. Then, store this powder inside an air tight container for the future use. Pour one tablespoon of the powder into the pot containing approximately 10 oz of boiling water. Then, cover the pot and leave the bay leaf mixture overnight.

Then, in the morning, strain it into a bottle or a flask. Drink the whole tea throughout the day. Repeat this treatment for the consecutive 3 days. After 3 days, let you rest for 7 days before consuming the same remedy. Drinking the bay leaf tea makes you want to go to the toilet regularly where it will help you remove the excess salt from your body.

Benefits of Bay Leaf to Treat Bunions

Compared to the painful surgery, drinking bay leaf tea may be considered to be more safe, inexpensive and non-invasive treatment. Most people are not confident when dealing with the surgery. However, what makes it less effective than the surgery is that this treatment requires more time and more patience in order to work well and show the significant results.

There are ways of using this leaf to remove the bunion, but the main focus here is to make the drink. Using bay leaf tea for bunions treatment is considered to be a simple yet easy method to do for everyone.

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