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Tulsi’s Tea Side Effets, the Reason Why You Have to Be Careful with It

Tulsi’s Tea Side Effets, the Reason Why You Have to Be Careful with ItPeople wonder what are tulsi tea side effects, since many people, especially in India believes in the absolute healing power of this substance. Another name of this herb is Holy Basil. For Hindu people, it is a sacred plant, which falls from Ayuvreda laps. Many cases has proven the legitimacy of its benefits, but not all understand the other side of tulsi tea.

First Thing You Should Know Before Consuming Tulsi Tea

The fact that holy basil has bad effect for your body is quite surprising. How come a medication from mother nature harm human body? First answer to you concern, you should understand that the tea shows its malfunction under certain condition, that is if it grows in polluted areas. Since it absorbs a lot of toxic minerals, brewing the leaves will only release bad things. For your own safety, purchase tulsi from organic farmer only or plant it on your garden.

Before consuming it, you have to make sure that your body is not allergic with the main substance. Pregnant woman and children under two years old are not suggested to consume the tea. Those who are going to have surgery must stop drinking holy basil tea for three weeks before the operation date at the minimum.

Eugenol Overdose

The reason behind the almighty ability to cure almost all sickness is a substance called Eugenol. It balances human body metabolism as well as kicking the germs and bacteria out of the system. The normal dosage for eugenol consumption per day is three to five drops per day. Although it appears as small numbers, the Eugenol in each drop is densely concentrated.

You could also find Eugenol in cloves and artificial food flavoring. Unfortunately, some people drink more than suggested dose and trigger the tulsi tea side effects. Your body will react by showing the following symptoms: short breath, blood stain after coughing, nausea and also blood in urine. Certain level of Eugenol might also detected as food poisoning.

Men Infertility

Although there is no official claim or a real case, it should be an initial warn for those who are going to consume the tea. Giving holy basil tea as a present for male colleagues might not be a great idea, after all. Particularly, when you notice that he has issue related to fertility.

The tulsi tea side effects for men fertility is found through a laboratory experiment. Two groups of rabbit are divided into normal and experimental group. One group consumes two grams of tulsi tea for a straight month. In the end of the experiment, it is found that the number of sperm is decreased drastically compared to the normal group.


If you have diabetes, any traditional herb or alternative medication experts will include holy basil in the prescription. It is good to help lowering sugar level in blood. In addition, tulsi tea daily intake could also guard heart, press the cholesterol level and maximize metabolism. It is due to the anti-clotting agent in the tea. Pay attention to the dosage.

Taking too much will drop the sugar level drastically, bringing you to the tulsi tea side effects: hypoglycemia. It is the opposite condition of diabetes: very low sugar level in blood. You can easily see the symptoms while looking at the mirror: pale face, dizziness, weakness and hunger. Stop your cup of tea immediately when you notice these signs.

Drug Blending

There is a strong base why our elders do not recommend consuming herbal and chemical drugs. Particularly, the condition of consuming tulsi tea and specific medication at the same time. The holy basil is known for its alteration towards body metabolism system. It could be done since holy basil could stimulate liver enzyme system called “cytochrome P450”.

As the result, tulsi tea side effects could either make the drug more or less effective. There is no exact calculation found yet about the complication. Several cases that have been reported including the effect to Diazepam and Scopolamine, two drugs that could reduce vomiting, nausea and anxiety. If you double these drugs with tulsi tea, the anesthetic effect will be drown.

Blood Thinning

Keep in mind that tulsi tea contains anti-clotting agent. It affects the blood thickness in your system. Instead of making it thicker, drinking tulsi tea regularly will make your blood thinner. So don’t be surprised when your cut doesn’t heal immediately and your blood flowing longer than usual. Your skin will be more fragile, too. Simple brushing could leave a distinct mark.

For this reason, people who have taken warfarin or heparin should cross holy basil tea from their daily menu. Otherwise, they might experience anemia caused by severe bleeding from a cut. In addition, those who are going to have surgery need to stop the product consumption for at least three weeks. This is the ideal time for holy basil substance to be washed away from the system.

Threatening Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women

No matter how useful tulsi tea is, you must forbid any pregnant woman who are trying to consume it, for the sake of the mother and the baby. Don’t be blinded with benefits this amazing tea could give for the normal people. Drink proper cold medicine if you catch a cold, or even better, consult to your doctor first. During pregnancy, the safety of the womb is intolerable priority.

When tulsi tea runs into blood system, it will trigger contraction in uterine. The symptoms of this condition are having backache, suffering diarrhea, and bleeding. Once you ignore these warnings, prepare yourself for the consequences: complication while giving birth and triggering menstruation. No record yet from the breastfeeding mother, but you don’t have to be the first one.

Holding into local belief, tulsi or holy basil is served to cure cold, infection and stress issue. Even though this herbal tea should not be consumed daily, many still do the dangerous ritual. No one would debate the charm of natural medication. But high dosage of the sacred herbal inside your body will pull tulsi tea side effects to the surface.

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