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The Old Tips: Eggshells in Coffee. Why Not?

The Old Tips: Eggshells in Coffee. Why Not?Have you ever thought of mixing eggshells in coffee? Some people, and even you, probably think of it as a bizarre idea. Why eggshell, of all items? Even though this habit is not popular in the recent days, but it is pretty common around 1990s. Some people who have tried these tips before even claim that eggshell could make a tastier coffee. Moreover, there might be no coffee that can beat the mils taste from eggshell coffee.

Eggshells in Coffee: The Story Behind

The other coffee variations were invented inside the coffee shop. However, putting eggshells in coffee comes from the campfire. Long time ago, cowboy would start a campfire and boil water on it. Grounded coffee then poured into the pot and so the acidity of the coffee increased.

In addition, the excessive heat and longer of period of boiling makes the coffee tastes even bitter, stronger and more acidic. Hoping to reduce the bitterness, they put cracked eggshells in coffee. The cowboys then wait for another minute before scooping the coffee with ladle, leaving the grind and shell at the bottom.

You might think that this practice is merely a desperate action from the cowboys, utilizing anything within their hand reach. There is no strong evidence that cowboys are chemical genius, but what they did with eggshell and coffee told different story. In fact, eggshell is not just anything; it is composed of calcium carbonate, which has rich alkaline material.

In case you don’t know yet, alkaline could neutralize the acidic substance found in campfire coffee. Since the shells have chemical contact with ground coffee, both waste items are left at the bottom of the pot. If you accidentally brew coffee for too long, just put eggshells in coffee and you will get milder taste.

How to Make It?

Are you interested? Then the first step is to purchase the eggs and a pack of coffee. Any coffee will do, no need to specify the types. There are several worth to try options.

1. The Campfire Style

It must be great to copy the original recipe as the first experiment. Since campfire event is usually held outdoor, you and your friends could try to make eggshells in coffee in the next camping plan. You will need one or two eggs, small bowl, coffee pot, and a pack of coffee.

After the fire has been lit, fill the coffee pot with sink water and boil it on top of the blazing fire. Crack the egg, pour the inside to the bowl. Grab the shell in your hand and crush it. Throw it to the pot after you boil the coffee. If you bring medium sized pot, you only need one eggshell. It should be enough for four servings. Big pot, however, requires at least two shells.

2. Instant Eggshell

Bad things happen sometimes. You wake up in the morning, set the coffee machine and end up taking too long in the bathroom. As the result, your coffee would be too strong to drink in the morning. Safe the day with empty eggshell! Don’t take it from the bin, but the fresh one from the refrigerator.

Rinse the shell and make sure there is no leftover inside the shell. Then you grab vinegar and use it to kill the bacteria in the shell. Crush them manually or by using plastic bag and glass bottom. Put the crushed egg shell in the coffee pot and brew it for another minute.

3. Homemade Tips

Some people who have actually tried the eggshells in coffee recipe from their grand grandma feel nostalgic when they actually found the steps in the old books. During great depression era, powder eggshells is the must have items in almost every book. The clean eggshells are baked at 350 degree temperature for ten minutes.

Next, baked eggshells are crushed to fine powder and stored in a zip lock. While preparing their coffee, a spoon of eggshell powder is added to the coffee ground before pouring the hot water. This method allows you to stock the eggshell in the drawer.


To tell the truth, there is no exact number of eggshells in coffee. In the end, it goes back to each person palate. The basic rule says that four cups of hot coffee will be neutralized by one eggshell. Well, this rule might not apply to the others. They might need more than one or even only half of the coffee.

The point is, never be afraid to experiment the taste. It would be better if you add the eggshell powder little by little. You cannot redo the excessive scoops from the coffee. When you already found the perfect recipe, take a step further by altering the coffee.

The Useful Waste

Mixing eggshells in coffee then brew the mixture would make tastier coffee. Enjoy your drink till the last drop, but don’t throw away the waste of grind and eggshell. Take it to your backyard and use it as fertilizer. The eggshells have calcium, while the ground coffee provides nitrogen. Adding these two components will make your plants grow within shorter period and healthier.

You will need compost, pot and eggshells in coffee waste. To prepare the new layer, you could spread the waste on the bottom. It also helps to fight pests. Take out some soil in the middle, and plant the seeds or baby plants. Water your new plant. It helps the absorption process.

If you already have plants, you could spread the waste in circle before watering the plant. There is no need to dry the waste before throwing it to the pot. Wet or dry, it will help your plant grows better.

Unless you have allergic reaction to eggs, there will be nothing to lose: try this trick to press down the bitterness from your coffee. Immerse yourself in the little experiment to find your own basic palate. Prepare the eggshells right, and mix it with any coffee you have inside the drawer. Find a refreshing taste of eggshells in coffee every morning.

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