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The Many Benefits of Genmaicha Tea That You Might Not Know

Health Benefits of Genmaicha Tea You Might Not KnowGenmaicha or green tea with roasted brown rice is very famous in Japan. However this tea isn’t that famous outside Japan, compared to other kind of teas, like matcha, green tea, and black tea. Just like any other tea, Genmaicha has a lot of benefits, from health benefits to dieting benefits.

Many Benefits of Genmaicha Tea

Genmaicha tea benefits vary from regulating thyroid hormone, an important important metabloism hormone, enhancing blood circulation, helps our digestion system, helps lose weight, and many more. Here’s the detail of the benefits:

  • Helps in Regulating Thyroid Hormones

One of the benefits of Genmaicha tea is its ability to regulate thyroid hormones. It is because this tea contains selenium that is important to regulate the thyroid hormones. By drinking this tea, you will eliminate lots of problems because of the absence of the selenium.

  • Helps You Lose Weight Faster

If you are looking for the natural remedy to help you lose weight faster, drinking this Genmaicha tea is the best answer. This tea contains EGCG that will help your body burns the fat faster. It will also help you suppress your appetite and make you full longer. To this Genmaicha tea benefit, you are suggested to drink this tea three cups a day.

  • Flush the Toxic of the Body

The caffeine in Genmaicha tea can help you eliminate the toxin of the body. Caffeine is the natural diuretic and drinking this tea can make you pee more. Through the excess urination, the toxic of the body can be eliminated.

This tea also contains lots of natural polyphenols that can help the detoxifying process of the body and it also has lots of antioxidants that can help the body prevents the side effects of free radicals.

  • Enhance the Blood Circulation

The selenium of Genmaicha tea is not only good for regulating the thyroid hormones, but it will also very good to help to enhance the blood circulation. The good blood circulation here will help your body get the nutrients faster and, most importantly, it will also help to increase your heart health. It is because Genmaicha tea prevents you to get any cardiovascular disaster.

  • Increase Brain Health

One of the amazing benefits of Genmaicha tea is its ability to improve your brain health. It is because Genmaicha tea contains a low amount of caffeine that will awake your brain. Unlike tea, the caffeine in Genmaicha tea doesn’t bring side effects to the body, unless you have a low tolerance of caffeine. The norepinephrine and the dopamine of the tea also help to improve your brain health.

  • Best Natural Medicine for Good Night Sleep

If you are suffering from insomnia, drinking Genmaicha tea can solve your problem. Genmaicha tea contains gamma-Aminobutyric acid or GABA that is known to help your nerves become calmer and it will also help you release the stress. It also means that it will prepare your body to sleep well. Therefore, you are suggested to drink this tea before you go to bed.

  • Prevents Digestive Problems

Tea contains caffeine that makes it the natural diuretic and brown rice is also a powerful source of a natural diuretic. It means that by consuming this tea, you will become hydrated and it can encourage you to pee more and relieve bloating.

Possible Side Effects of Drinking Genmaicha Tea

Although this tea has lots of health benefits for the body, drinking this tea might be dangerous in some cases. If you have a lower tolerance of caffeine, you are suggested to reduce the amount of caffeine you take, meaning that you need to limit the daily intake of Genmaincha tea.

  • Insomnia

Genmaicha tea, similar to any other tea, also contains caffeine. In fact, the amount of caffeine in this tea is lesser than any other tea or coffee. Drinking this coffee daily is actually safe for the body, but it can cause insomnia if you have a lower tolerance for caffeine. To prevent insomnia, you can limit the Genmaicha tea you drink.

  • Headache

Another problem also arises if you have a lower tolerance of caffeine in still drink this tea. This tea can cause a headache because of the caffeine on it. If you suffer from migraine, it is better to avoid drinking this tea to avoid further side effects.

  • Cause Risks for Pregnant Women

Although drinking Genmaicha tea is good for health, it can be dangerous if you are pregnant. This tea contains tannins, tea catechins, and caffeine that can increase the risks during pregnancy.

Some sources also mention that drinking this tea for more than 2 cups a day can cause miscarriage. If you are pregnant and still want to drink this tea, you can limit the amount of tea you drink and it is better if you consult it to your doctor beforehand.

The bitterness of the green tea in Genmaicha tea is neutralized with the nutty flavor of the rice. This tea contains polyphenols and other nutrients that boost overall body health. Although it has lots of health benefits for the body, it can also cause different side effects.

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