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The Ingredient of Mother’s Milk Tea That You Can Make at Home

The Ingredient of Mother’s Milk Tea That You Can Make at HomeThe period of breastfeeding is crucial because there should be enough milk for babies. That’s why mother’s milk tea is famous as it’s been proven by many mothers. While you can buy one in a store, you can also make your own tea. Here is the ingredient of mother’s milk tea and how to make it.

Mother’s Milk Tea in Brief

Mother’s milk tea is a tea made from herbs. This drink is used to help moms increase the supply of their mother’s milk. Mother’s milk tea has a main ingredient that functions as milk boosting. The ingredient called fenugreek.

Mother’s milk tea has many recipes and variations. In each variation of the tea, there will be some other herbs that are mixed with fenugreek. Although the kinds of herbs used are different, all of them have been traditionally used as milk-making aids or as known as galactagogues.

The benefit of fenugreek in helping breastfeeding women has been researched by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health or NCCIH. The advantage of this milk has also been proven by some moms who find that sipping or drinking a couple of Mother’s Milk tea routinely can boost their body to produce more milk.

While mother’s milk tea can be bought in either grocery stores or drugstores, you can always make one by yourselves at home. Either way, you need to remember that this tea is not meant to maintain your mother’s milk. This tea is only for boosting the supply of your mother’s milk.

The Ingredients and How to Make It

If you think you are not sure with mother’s milk tea that is sold in the market, you can make your own mother’s milk tea at home. The ingredients needed to make it are not many and the steps to do it are just few. There are two recipes of making mother’s milk tea that you can choose from, all of which require different ingredients. Choose the one whose ingredients are the easiest to find for you.

The first recipe requires you to get dried blessed thistle or borage leaves (1 ounce), dried nettle leaves of raspberry leaves (1 ounce), and coriander seeds or anise (1 tsp). To make it, first, put all the herbs into a jar of boiling water. Let it steep for a night with that jar is closed.

After that, strain all the herbs and put the liquid into your refrigerator. Whenever you need to sip the tea, pour off the tea in a cup and then boil it. Then pour the mixture of the herbs over the coriander seeds or the anise. Let them steep for about 5 minutes before you drink it. You can drink this tea as often as you need.

The second recipe is a little bit different from the first one. The ingredients of mother’s milk tea in this recipe are (1 tsp). cumin (1 tsp), and dill (1 tsp). To make it, first, boil 8oz water. Then steep in all the herbs the water for about 20 minutes. You can enjoy this mother’s milk tea up to three times in a day.

With this tea, you will be able to notice the results in less than 24 hours. However, some moms may need to increase the portion of drinking the tea per day. They may need to drink up to 4 cups of mother’s milk tea a day.

The ingredient of mother’s milk tea is not many. You can always get them because the ingredients are not rare. By making the tea at home, you will not rely on someone to get the tea for you whenever you are running out of it. Make the tea and enjoy the benefits!

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