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The Great Benefits of Hibiscus Water for Your Health

The Great Benefits of Hibiscus Water for Your HealthAnyone knows the benefits of hibiscus water for the body? Many people think that this flower cannot have any kind of advantage. The plant has beautiful flower, and each variant will bloom different flower color. However, not any hibiscus could be plucked and made into infused water.

Types of Hibiscus That Commonly Found

In the wild, there are a lot of hibiscus types, but there are only three of them that often found in house garden.

  1. Tropical Hibiscus

People love this plant for its colorful flowers. In spring season, the house owners will be very happy to see the orange, red, yellow and many more tones. However, the tropical hibiscus cannot survive in the winter. Thus, it is best to keep the flower in the pot and not in the garden.

  1. Hardy Perenial Hibiscus

This is the tricky flower to plant. Those who are interested should pay close attention to the explanation given by experienced gardener. The soil should always be moist, so afternoon watering should not be skipped. To prevent dried soil, it is suggested to mix mulch.

  1. The Rose Of Sharon

Among the other hibiscus types, the rose of sharon has the biggest petal. This is also the most suitable hibiscus plant to put on the garden. Days after blooming, a lot of butterflies and hummingbirds will dance around the fragrant plant.

Notable Hibiscus Water Benefits for Health

Keep in mind that not all types of hibiscus could be used for healthy drinks. To be specific, the name of the species is hibiscus sabdariffa. It is raised and processed for medical purposes only. Brace the tongue to bear the sour taste, for the body will be healthier.

  1. Control Blood Pressure

It mainly helps the patients with high blood pressure. By consuming the hibiscus water regularly, the blood pressure will gradually go down. Based on a study, hibiscus sabdariffa contains anti-hypertensive and cardio-protective substance. Moreover, it also has anti-inflammatory property that could press the blood pressure as well.

  1. Lower Cholesterol

Drinking hibiscus infused water daily is beneficial to flush the bad cholesterol from the body. As the result, the person could prevent heart disease caused by bad blood vessels condition. It is also very helpful for diabetes patients. The healthy drink slowly reduce the sugar level, thus preventing further complications.

  1. Improving Liver Condition

The job of liver is filtering the blood and it catches the toxic material in it. Hibiscus water has antioxidant properties, which cleanse the free radical in the body. In the other words, the great tea helps liver to do its job.

  1. Anti-inflammatory and Anti-bacterial Agent

Another crucial benefit includes preventing cold and flu. It is also suggested to give a cup of warm hibiscus infused water to a fever patients. The tea will give relieving effect.

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Those Who Cannot Have the Water

Unfortunately, the benefits of hibiscus water are also followed by the side effects. The person will get harmful substance instead of the healthy one if they drink the water under certain condition.

  • Pregnant or breast feeding women
  • Currently taking fertility medication and birth control pills
  • Consuming hormonal treatment
  • Having low blood pressure

The reason for this ban is simple: hibiscus infused water will lower the hormone level. In case of pregnant women, for example, they will have less estrogen level that might lead to miscarriage. The patients who have low blood pressure are going to have even lower pressure after consuming the water.

Hibiscus plant is often found on the house garden. Some people even use it as the living fence. It is probably quite surprising to learn that this beautiful flower also has a lot of benefits for the body. To make the healthy flower infused water, the person only needs to put a clean hibiscus inside a glass of hot water. Are you interested?

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