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The Fact About Bat Poop Coffee, a Unique and Exotic Coffee

The Fact About Bat Poop Coffee, a Unique and Exotic CoffeeThe bat poop coffee is one of coffee variants from Indonesia. This variant is produced by animal, like Luwak coffee. However, the animal is a bat. In Pagaralam, South Sumatera, Indonesia, a farmer found an amazing discovery about the bat coffee.

Before we go further, we need to get this right, the bat did not actually eat and poop the coffee bean, they only eat the fruit, and spit the bean, because it’s too big for them to eat it. Sometimes they only chew the fruit on the tree and leave the bean in the tree. But why it’s popular as bat poop coffee? It’s mostly because people think of the famous luwak/civet coffee who eat and poop the coffee, so they also think that the process for bat coffee is similar.

The Story of Bat “Poop” Coffee in Sumatra Indonesia

A coffee farmer, Mr Mardoyo, the first person who discover this oddity, first thought his plants was ruined and wondering what animal did this. He later did nightwatch and found that bat did it. Looking closer, the leftover beans look almost similar to luwak coffee. And yeah, after further inspection he gave it a try, a bat leftover 🙂

Bats known as omnivore, they will eat anything, they will eat insect or fruit, whatever it’s availble to them. But this also depend on their species, some bats prefer insects while the other eat fruits as their main menu. In Pagaralam, where coffee plantation is big, the fruit this bat eats mostly is coffee.

In the night, this nocturnal animal will looking for fruit, using their echolocation ability, they can distinguish which fruit is ripe and not. They will eat the cherry and leave/spit the bean, the natural acid from bat’s saliva combined with the sun ray will change the character of the bean.

Bat Coffee Compared to Luwak Coffee and Other Coffees

You may wonder about the taste of bat coffee, is it any good? In luwak coffee where the beans go through its digestive system, the beans go through a long way of fermentation process caused by enzymes and microbes. Although bats have almost similar enzymes and microbes in its mouth, but the beans are not exposed to it for a long time.

Fermentation in bat coffee only happen in short time, the coffee still bitter and a bit acidic. But it has an unique taste. Compared the top variant of coffee, luwak coffee, it’s like a cheaper version of luwak coffee. The long fermentation process in luwak coffee make the coffee has a really low acidity, thus make it no longer bitter. Not to mention the aroma is great and the taste is smooth.

How Much It Cost to Get Bat Coffee?

Because of its rarity thus limiting its suply, bat poop coffee cost a little bit much compared normal coffee. Bat coffee will cost you around $12.00 per ounce or $42.00 per 100g. Luwak or civet coffee still the most expensive coffee at this moment, with around  $31.00 per ounce or $109.00 each 100g.

Each cup of coffee usually need around 0.37oz or 10g coffee, so a cup of bat “poop” coffee will cost you at least $4.20 and a cup of luwak coffee can cost you $10.90. You might think this is costly just for a coffee, but ask any coffee lovers who have tried it, whether bat coffee or luwak coffee, they’ll say it’s worth it. If you really like coffee you have to try it at least once.


Bat poop coffee is one of many animal coffee, at least there are 4 animal coffees, 2 of them go through its digestive system, which are elephant and luwak coffee, the other 2 that do not go through digestive system are bat coffee and monkey coffee, although the misconception of “poop coffee” exist on both bat coffee and monkey coffee.

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