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The Dangers of Green Tea Extract for Your Body

The Dangers of Green Tea Extract for Your BodyIs there any side effect of the green tea extract for your body? If you are taking this supplement at the moment, it might be wise enough to know the dangers of green tea extract that you may not consider until now. So, what do the experts say about the side effects of the green tea extract?

About Green Tea

In America, green tea is considered to be the fourth most consumed supplement. Despite its wide spread, the information on the ingredients and dosage regulation is not stated clearly. For the green tea extract itself, it is possible to contain polyphenols (flavonols or catechins) in high dosage. This fact what brings concern among the scientists.

If you don’t take the green tea extract and drink only the green tea, you may not need to be worried about. As you know, Japanese people drink 9 to 10 glasses of green tea regularly every day. There has not been any report on the toxicity from people who regularly drink green tea. However, several cases show that the toxicity always involves the intake of the green tea extract especially in capsules.

The Dangers of Green Tea Extract

Green tea leaves have the content of polyphenols for 30% with the concentration of EGCG is the highest. When you take the green tea supplement, then you get much higher concentration of EGCG. When being consumed excessively, this green tea extract supplement may cause the serious health problems as follows:

  • Liver Toxicity

From the study done by Bonkovsky, it is shown that 9 people were positive with liver toxicity after consuming the green tea extract excessively or more that its normal dosage. The over dosage of the extract may range from 10 to 29 milligrams per kilogram every day. From the study, the function of the liver can be in its normal state if the consumption of high dosage of EGCG is being stopped.

  • Liver and Kidney Damage

Another study on the consumption of green tea is that it is good for your health if you consume it in moderation every day. It is believed that green tea can be used to prevent cancer and heart disease. On contrary, if it is over consumed, it can cause the liver and kidney damage. if you drink only green tea, you need to keep it for 10 cups maximum.

The problem with the green tea extract is that it can contain 50 times polyphenols higher compared to the polyphenols content in one serving cup. If people are not aware of this fact, they may get serious health problems such as liver or kidney damage.

  • Tumor Growth

The tumor growth is also the health problem which occurs from over consumption. University of Mississippi was conducting the laboratory study and it was found that green tea extract contains high dosage of epicatechin gallate or EGCG which can cause the tumor growth.

However the green tea extract with low dosage of EGCG is surprisingly able to suppress the growth of new tumor and it also doesn’t bring any side effects for the body. But, this result was only for the preliminary study. It is also stated that the drink of green tea can bring the health benefits of the body but the intake of green tea supplement may not bring benefits for the body.

From the study conducted by the US Pharmacopeia, the dangers of green tea extract likely occur on the empty stomach. The safety of the green tea extract consumption happens when the intake is being formulated properly. If you want to take it, make sure to consume it after eating and in lower dosage.

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