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The Best Way to Store Coffee to Keep It Good for a Long Time

The Best Way to Store Coffee to Keep It Good for a Long TimeAs a coffee lover, you will always want to make sure that your coffee stock is always full because you don’t want to miss a day without coffee. But do you already know the best way to store coffee so that it won’t go bad quickly? You may claim to have an idea on that, but that idea may not be the recommended way.

3 Things You Should Know to Store Coffee Properly

The risk you need to face for not knowing how to store your coffee is extensive, from altered taste to wasting the coffee because it’s already go off (read also: does coffee go bad?). Don’t waste your coffee because you do not store it properly. Make sure you know the following tips:

1. What to Avoid When Storing Coffee

First of all, you need to know what to avoid in storing your coffee. There are several things that can cause coffee lose its freshness. The better these things avoided, the longer your coffee’s freshness last. Coffee’s enemies are heat, moisture, air, and light. You have to keep this in mind when finding the best way to store coffee.

Coffee exposure to air happens not only on how it’s stored, but also when you use the coffee. Try not open it’s packaging too long to take the coffee out.

2. The Best Location to Store Coffee

How long coffee stays good also depends on the location of the coffee storage. Making your coffee storage locations convenient and reachable anytime you need it is important. However, it is also essential to make sure that the location at which you store your coffee could help you keep the coffee flavorful and fresh.

That being said, keeping coffee fresh will include the following conditions:

  1. Dark and dry places with fixed room temperature. The examples of such places are cabinets and pantries. They are the best for coffee storage.
  2. Freezers and fridges should not be included in the options of storing coffee location. Freezing coffee is not advised unless you know how to do it, because small mistake will make your coffee worse faster. Even then, if you do it properly, the result might vary. That’s why until today experts and coffee enthusiasts still debating this method.
  3. Avoid any spots that are warm. For example: next to or above an oven or in a cabinet that can get hot from cooking equipment’s and or sunlight’s exposure.
  4. Opt for countertops that don’t get any heat from any kinds of sources and also from direct sunlight. Such places can be great place to store your coffee if the countertops use airtight storage vessels and opaque.

3. The Best Container Types to Store Coffee

Don’t let coffee go off by choosing the right type of container. Always remember that once the original packaging of coffee is opened, the freshness of the coffee loses quickly. That’s why, you will need to store your coffee into the right kind of container once it is opened.

That being said, you need to know right type of container as one of the best way to store coffee. Here are some guidance for you:

  1. Non-reactive metal, ceramic, or glass containers that have airtight gaskets. Such containers are very ideal for storing your favorite coffee.
  2. Your coffee can also be stored in clear plastic ware, and clean glass canisters as long as the canisters are placed in dark and cool place.
  3. If you want to use countertop storage to store your coffee, you need to use airtight and opaque containers.
  4. Another best way to store your coffee is to use a bag. What kind of bag is that? It is the one coming with the coffee beans. That is the bag that comes with a one-way valve and halfway down. This kind of bag can close the coffee up and also squeeze the air out.

The Ultimate Way to Store Coffee

This one is truly the ultimate way to store coffee, this technique is used on industry level, but you can also use it at home. Of course it will cost some money. This technique is by storing your coffee in vaccum. This way your cofffee won’t be exposed to oxygen on its storage. When you buy coffee, it’s usually come on vacuum packaging. Some manufacturer even go as far as fill the packaging with nitrogen.

For home level, you can buy vacuum sealer at around $40 at Amazon, and you can use it not just for coffee, but also other foods. Pretty good investment to keep your coffee and other foods stay fresh longer.

Another benefit of storing coffee in vacuum is this is the best way to store your coffee if you want to freeze it. Airtight container means there’s no air circulation between the inside and outside of container, but it still has air inside, so when you freeze it, it will build moisture albeit only a little. With vacuum storing, the moisture is almost none.

In conclusion, the best way to store your coffee include choosing the right container, the right storing location, and knowing the things to avoid. Storing your coffee for future drink is not difficult.

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