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The Best Way to Get Coffee Stain out of White Shirt

The Best Way to Get Coffee Stain out of White ShirtCoffee can be considered to be important for most busy grownups particularly in the morning. If you happen to be the one who spilled the coffee this morning, don’t worry! This stain can be eliminated before it becomes the permanent decoration on your white clothes. Here are some tips on how to get coffee stain out of white shirt.

Tips to Get Coffee Stain out of White Shirt

Even though we always try to avoid it, there seems to be highly possible for this incident to happen. If you accidentally spill your coffee on your shirt, it is always suggested to clean it as soon as possible. The faster you treat the coffee stain, the easier it is removed.

  • Blot the Stain

The first step when dealing with the coffee stain is to blot the stain to wipe off any remaining coffee liquid from your clothes. If the stain is still fresh, new, and damp, take some tissues or paper towels and blot it. Besides being able to remove the excess liquid, blotting it quickly can also get rid of any chemicals from the coffee which colors the stain.

  • Rinse the Shirt Using Cold Water

After you remove the remaining coffee liquid from your white shirt, the next step is to wash the stain using cold water. Why? It is because if you use hot water, the heat can be able to set the stain. Don’t forget to check the stain whether it has been removed or not before placing your white shirt into the tumble dryer.

For the stain on your clothes, you can wash it under the tap via the back of the stain for about five minutes. Then, rub the coffee stain on your white shirt gently for several minutes. It will help you to loosen up the marks. For the fresh stain, repeat the action three times if you want to remove it thoroughly.

  • Add the Detergent to Clean the Coffee Stain

The last step to get rid of coffee stain from your shirt is add small amount of detergent onto your white shirt if the coffee stain is still there. Do it also as soon as you can as the surface of the shirt is still moist. Then, rub the shirt gently with the detergent and leave it for about five minutes to set. This method can be very useful if you have older stain of coffee.

After five minutes, you can start rubbing the shirt one more time to help loosening the stain. Make sure to wash it using your hands. If you have finished rubbing the stain, you can rinse it under the cold water thoroughly.

  • Apply Vinegar to Get Rid of the Coffee Stain

If you find that the coffee stain is still on your white shirt after applying the detergent, you can try using the vinegar to get rid of it. Mix water, white vinegar and powdered laundry detergent with the equal portion. Mix them thoroughly until they become like a paste. Before applying the paste, test it onto some clothes that you rarely use to see if it can make the discoloration.

If it doesn’t discolor the garment, you can apply it directly to the stain on your white shirt. You can also rub the paste onto the stain. Take any nailbrush, toothbrush or any other brush to scrub both sides of the coffee stain on your shirt gently. Then, rinse the shirt thoroughly using the cold water.

These are the useful tips to get coffee stain out of white shirt. You can follow the steps orderly. Treat the coffee stain as soon as possible to minimize the difficulty to get rid of it from your clothes.

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