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Tea That Makes You Poop: Help Digestion and Prevent Constipation

Tea That Makes You Poop: Help Digestion and Prevent ConstipationIf you have constipation problem, you need know that there are certain teas that make you poop. As we know, tea is a healthy drink that is recommended to have every day. There are many kinds of tea in the world. The recipes are different from one tea to another. So, is it true that tea can make you relieve constipation easily? That is what we will discuss further in this article below.

What to Know About Tea That Makes You Poop

Today, we can find many teas which are sold as constipation treatments. Some of them are senna tea and cascara tea. They are useful for short-term solution because they are not daily consumed teas. Usually, those teas contain herbs that come with laxative properties that are only allowed for adults. In addition, you also have to be careful to take herbal teas that come with ingredients which sound strange. Anyway, you have to choose tea which makes you poop carefully.

Why Tea Is Used to Help Bowel Movement and Easing Constipation?

There are many ways how to treat constipation. But if you considering traditional way with affordable cost, you can try tea. Actually, consuming any fluids can treat constipation. However, tea is considered as the best choice. With tea, there are certain properties that specifically can help with your constipation. For example Senna tea contain Sennosides, this will irritate the lining of the bowel, that will causing laxative effect. But this is also why this tea shouldn’t be drunk if you have IBS or other medical condition. We will discuss this later.

Medical Problems If You Experience Constipation

Why you need to drink tea that makes you poop? It is very important to prevent constipation. In fact, constipation can be a symptom of certain diseases. It can cause neurological problems, mood disorder, cystic fibrosis, thyroid disease, irritable bowel syndrome & even other intestinal conditions. To prevent the worse conditions, that is why it’s recommended to drink tea every day. It means tea does not only make you poop but also prevent various diseases.

What Factors That Cause Constipation?

Before talking more about tea, it will be better to know about the factors that cause constipation first. Commonly, it is caused by a low-fiber diet or eating less vegetable. Sedentary lifestyle also causing constipation. Doing more exercise and have active lifestyle will greatly helps your digestive system. Another most common cause is dehydration.

The longer you hold your stool will also causing constipation, because more water will be absorbed, make it harder. Sometime side effects from medication can cause constipation as well.

What Teas That Make You Poop?

There are some teas that will help you lose the bowels more regular. The following teas are very effective to treat constipation, but some of them have side effects as well, so read carefully:

1. Senna Tea

Senna contain Sennosides, chemicals that will irritate the lining of the bowel, thus will help relieve the constipation. This tea doesn’t advised for pregnant woman, people who have electrolyte deficiency, diarrhea, people with gastrointestinal condition, such as stomach pain, stomach inflammation. And the last one, people with heart condition have to avoid this tea.

Senna tea has a strong bitter taste that make it hard to drink, so it’s recommended to add sugar or honey to make it taste better.

2. Dandelion Tea

Although dandelion tea mostly used for weight loss, it also have a lot of health benefits, such as increasing appetite, as remedy for upset stomach, muscle pain, gallstone, and many more. It also used as laxative. This herb pretty much has low side effect compared to senna, so you can drink this more often. However this tea isn’t advised for pregnant woman, and some people have alergy to dandelion.

3. Cascara Tea

This tea is almost similar with senna tea. People who can’t drink senna tea shouldn’t drink cascara as well. Furthermore this tea should only drunk in short term only, it’s not advised to drink this for long term.

To help constipation, cascara available in both tea and and laxative capsule. For your drink, you can choose the tea one.

4. Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea also belongs to the tea that makes you poop. This is very useful to prevent and treat constipation. Even more, it is very beneficial to improve your digestive health. So, it is good for daily beverage. However people who have achlorhydria, diarrhea, or pregnant woman shouldn’t drink this.

5. Black Tea

Black tea basically similar to regular tea, it’s just that the tea leaves treated differently. This black tea comes with mild laxative effects. It can be useful to prevent constipation. Besides that, it is also good for daily uses as long as your stomach can handle it. To make it tastier, you can add molasses or honey. It will be delicious to be enjoyed in either iced or hot tea depending on your desire.

How Much Should You Drink These Tea?

If you are interested in tea that makes you poop, you have to know when to drink and how much you should consume it. Commonly, it is best consumed before going to bed. However, if you buy it in the store, you must read and follow the instructions. You can buy herbal teas at health food store, grocery stores, or even buy it via online.

However, you cannot drink too much tea in a day. Usually, tea that comes with laxative properties is best consumed maximally a cup in a day. If you find that your constipation is not gone after a few days, you may need to meet your doctor.

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