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Tassimo Vs Keurig: Best Single Coffee Makers

Tassimo Vs Keurig: Best Single Coffee MakersThe battle of tassimo vs keurig takes place while the other coffee maker brands still struggling to find their place in the market. These two are the monster brands with high quality which strongly recommended by many electronic shops. The demand of single coffee maker for houses and offices are not slowing down, and at one point, you might need one in your house soon. How are you going to choose?

Tassimo Vs Keurig: The Machine System

A single-cup coffee maker or often called coffee pod machine has specific water delivery system. As the cable is plugged, the water is pressurized and filtered to brew pre-packaged coffee and tea for single serving. Before discussing about more specific details about tassimo vs keurig, it would be better to notice the basic difference first.

1. K-Cup

It was originally built to make drip coffee, but now the manufacturer expands the products of their patented K-Cups: hot chocolate, lemonade, etc. Make sure you have a pre-packaged K-Cups coffee with you. Inside the cup, you will have coffee and sometimes a creamer. Keurig coffee pod works almost similarly to water heater: it heats up certain amount of water and drip it to your cups.

Therefore, the taste of your coffee relies on how much creamer and sugar you put in. Those who prefer to have K-Cups system will be able to taste popular coffee brands with cheaper price. A lot of famous coffee shops distribute their own pre-packaged K-Cups products.

2. T-Disc

You cannot decide which one to buy: tassimo vs keurig, when you don’t know yet how Tassimo works. If Keurig focuses on dripping water to K-Cups, Tassimo machine is designed to read barcode on T-Disc with instructions in it. The coffee pod will know how much water to pour, how long to brew the coffee, and the perfect temperature for each types of coffee. Thus, it could brew espresso based coffee like latte or cappucino.

Usually, there are two discs for tassimo vs keurig that owns no disc. As always, one disc is for water and the other is for coffee. The most common misconceptions is pouring powdered milk instead of Ultra High Temperature (UHT) milk into the disc. Although the options are limited, you could enjoy T-Disc version from popular brands, too.

Tastier Coffee

People purchase coffee pod for their house or office to skip the queuing line at the nearest coffee shop. But again, could you give up the taste of a finely brewed coffee? For tassimo vs keurig, which one makes tastier coffee? Some buyers share their experience with you.

Some costumers who had tried their first brewing in Keurig pod were delighted with their drinks. Surely, it is tastier than brewing it on regular dip brewer. However, they also said that the taste could not be compared with the one they usually grabbed at the store.

The experiment with Tassimo machine took the same brands. Apparently, there are some manufacturers that produce both T-Disc and K-cup. The tassimo vs keurig comparison result is surprising. The coffee made with Tassimo has smooth texture and light taste, definitely tastier than the one bought from the shop. Even for more complicated drink such as macchiato, the quality doesn’t shatter.

The Practicality

A coffee maker is built to help people with their daily task. Therefore, it is natural to compare the convenience level between tassimo vs keurig. Think about the types of coffee you usually have and how you like to make it. Make sure you take the one that could accommodate most of your preferences.

A Keurig coffee maker is equipped with 62 oz tank, which is attached to the side. It means you need more space on your table. The drip tray could be removed, so you could brew the coffee directly to the mug. Adjust the coffee size to your preference: 4,6,8,10,or 12 oz. There is no need to brew twice for your large cup. With all these benefits, you have to remember that Keurig could not brew any coffee milk product.

Tassimo coffee pod offers slightly smaller tank size: 61 oz. However, comparing tassimo vs keurig for their brewing ability, Tassimo has the upper hand. This machine has water filtration system attached, so limited space on top your counter should not be a problem. You just need to connect the tap water to the machine. It also has removable drip tray, which allows you to brew directly to your cup.

When you crave for french press, activate the hot water function. You don’t need to boil water in kettle. Don’t forget about the lovely barcode reading system that tells the machine what to do. There is only one disadvantage: you have to brew twice to fill up large cup.

What The Market Says

If you still have cloud of doubts on your mind, how about considering the market tassimo vs keurig facts? The comparison list includes the cost, the warranty, and the popularity. These points could be the last missing points you just need to decide which one is more suitable for you.

Both coffee pods could be purchased for a little higher price from $100. For Tassimo coffee maker, you will need additional cost for water filtering system. Keurig doesn’t need any additional cost. If you are looking for series, Keurig offers more and Tassimo has less. However, some costumers report that some Keurig series don’t work well, while any type from Tassimo work flawlessly.

You can have the coffee maker for two up to five years. As for the warranty, Tassimo used to offer two years, but now decrease to one year just like Keurig. If you ask about the most favorite brands in the market, then it is Keurig. Tassimo has around 20% votes, while Keurig owns around 40% of the votes.

Sharing similar function to brew a single cup coffee does not make these two machines have similar points. In fact, both are the polar opposite of each other. In the end, the mental battle to pick tassimo vs keurig depends on your consideration of flexibility, practicality, maintenance and price. Happy shopping!

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