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Switching from Coffee to Tea? Here Are Good Reasons for It

Switching from Coffee to Tea? Here Are Good Reasons for ItCoffee can cause numerous side effects for the body and it is one of the reasons why you need to try switching from coffee to tea. It is quite hard to stop drinking coffee because coffee contains caffeine that can cause addiction. But, when you stop drinking coffee for good, your body condition will also change.

Why Switching from Coffee to Tea

Some people rely deeply on coffee because coffee can make them stay awake longer. Coffee does make you stay awake because of caffeine in coffee. But, the aftereffect doesn’t stay longer. Drinking coffee can make you energized but only for a short period of time, then you may feel dizzy because the caffeine forces the heart and the blood to work faster.

If you think that tea cannot make you stay awake, you are totally wrong. In every 8oz of tea, there is around 70mg of caffeine, while 8oz coffee has around 200mg of caffeine. Similar to coffee, drinking tea can make you feel energized, but it doesn’t force your body in a harsh way, especially if you like to reduce the amount of caffeine you consume.

Both coffee and tea have caffeine, but again, those two are very different. If you like to have a quick wake up in the morning, coffee will be a good choice because the caffeine in tea works rather late. It is because tea has a compound named L-theanine. The caffeine in tea is tied by this compound that makes the body absorbs it longer.

This compound is also good for calming your brain and has an anti-anxiety effect. Different from the caffeine in coffee that makes your heart races faster, the caffeine in tea works in a calmer way. It will also give you the energy booster you need without uncomfortable side effects.

Not only gives you more energy but drinking tea can also help you become healthier. As a coffee lover, you might have heard that coffee can give more nutrients to your brain to prevent Alzheimer. But, in fact, there is a little study about the effect of coffee on brain health.

On the other hand, there are lots of studies that have found the effect of drinking tea to brain health. The studies found out that the antioxidant in tea can help to prevent memory loss and Alzheimer. The catechins found in tea also prevent protein plaque on the brain. The protein plaques play a big role in the reduction of memory loss.

The benefit of drinking tea doesn’t stop here. Another study also found out that tea contains high of prebiotics. The prebiotics is important to increase good microorganisms in your stomach. Different from coffee that high in acidic nature and may be tough for the stomach. Tea still has lots of benefits for the overall body health and those benefits become good reasons for you to switch from coffee to tea.

What Happen to Your Body When You Stop Drinking Coffee

Switching from coffee to tea is always a good idea if you want to bring good changes to your body and the good thing is, you will start to feel the benefits of drinking tea right away. The first benefit is related to your skin. Tea contains antioxidants that are very good to prevent free radicals. By drinking tea, you will start to notice the difference within a week because your skin will become softer and clearer.

Not only give you better skin condition but drinking tea will also make your body more relaxed. If you are struggling with insomnia, drinking tea is always a good idea. Coffee contains a high amount of caffeine that prevents you to have your good night sleep, while tea contains a natural calming agent called L-theanine that promotes better sleep and calmer muscle.

How to End Coffee Addiction for Good

Switching from coffee to tea is very tough for some people because coffee is actually a drug that can cause addiction. Trying to cut coffee in at a time can cause different kinds of side effects to the body, including headache, mood swings, anxiety, and other symptoms.

If you want to end your addiction for coffee for good, you are suggested to try to reduce your coffee intake. If you are used to drinking coffee for more than two cups a day, you need to try reducing it by one cup each week. You still can drink coffee every day, but you need to drink only one cup of coffee in the morning and try to drink tea afterward.

Although coffee can give you more energy throughout the day, it can also give you some side effects you are not aware of. Switching from coffee to tea is not always easy at first, but once you’ve done it, your body will thank you.

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