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Subtle Difference Between Latte and Mocha, Here’s the Easy Way to Tell

Subtle Difference Between Latte and Mocha, Here's the Easy Way to Tell”What is the difference between latte and mocha?” This is probably the most avoided and embarrassing question from you to the coffee shop waiter. As the fans of coffee are varied in age and taste preference, the list of new variation of coffee fills the menu book. Any ordinary costumer will either feel awkward or take longer time to order. Speed up your ordering progress by learning a bit about the difference.

Difference between Latte and Mocha: The Grocery List

The base ingredients of both latte and mocha are espresso. The point of difference between latte and mocha lays on the amount of basic espresso and the milk. Both coffee variations, however, often beat the popularity of original coffee. It is because of the milk that tone down the punching effect of coffee in stomach.

1. Latte Recipe

There are a lot of tips shared in the internet about latte recipe. When you go to the store, there is only slight list difference between latte and mocha. For latte, you are going to grab espresso, milk, and flavoring to your taste.

Put an 8 oz cup on the table and pour around 5 to 6 oz of steamed milk into the cup. Shot an oz of espresso and add your favorite flavoring. Quickly make frothed milk, top your latte with it, and decorate. Since latte has flavored taste and light texture, it is often served as a dessert in Italy.

2. Mocha Recipe

As for mocha, make sure you understand that the difference between latte and mocha: mocha has stronger coffee, while latte is quite light. You could expect a strong and sweet taste but smooth texture. To make this chocolate flavored coffee, find your way to coffee section in the store. Put these ingredients in your shopping cart: espresso, chocolate, and milk.

Prepare a cup for your mocha. Turn on the stove and heat the milk to make 1 oz of steamed milk and 2 oz of hot chocolate. Don’t forget the 2 espresso shots. Add the steamed milk first, then the chocolate and espresso in the end. For the garnish, add a thin layer of frothed milk only on the top.

General Difference of Latte and Mocha

After comparing the recipes, you could already pull the red line. There are three difference between latte and mocha. It turns out that both coffee varieties differ in taste, ingredients, and topping.

1. Taste

Even though latte has additive flavoring, it is not as sweet as mocha. You could enjoy a cup of latte as dessert because you enjoy the flavor only. As for mocha, it has strong coffee from double espresso but also sweetness of the chocolate.

2. Ingredients

As you can read in the recipe, chocolate is another difference between latte and mocha. Latte doesn’t necessarily include chocolate in the recipe, even though you could add its flavoring additive. Mocha, in the other hand, takes chocolate as the basic ingredients.

3. Topping

When the waiter serves you a cup of latte, you could enjoy the cinnamon or chocolate powder art. It is all thanks to the foam topping of the latte. As for your mocha order, the frothed milk plays the role of garnish, which could be omitted anytime. Thus, there is no pretty decoration for mocha.

The Origin

Do you know mocha and latte are invented at different countries? Yes, this is the fact. Even though espresso comes from Italy, not all the variants are created there. One even comes from a land far away from Italy.

1. History Of Mocha

Bicerin is the inspiration for Americans to create its new variant: cafe mocha. The name mocha itself is derived from Red Sea coastal town in Mocha, Yemen. During the fifteenth century, this area around Arabian Peninsula is a giant coffee exporter. People love the coffee because it has chocolate taste. Later on, it entices the idea to add chocolate to double espresso and creates mocha that you drink now.

2. Latte Origin

Originally comes from Italy, latte is actually the short form of caffelatte or coffee and milk. Therefore, if you happen to wander around Italy, do not forget to mention the long name. Ordering latte in coffee shop will bring a cup of milk to your table. This caffelatte is just a usual homemade drink in its origin country, a mix of espresso and hot milk, served for breakfast.

Mocha “Twins”

As far as you could pick out the difference between latte and mocha, each of them even also have another similar beverage sold in the shop. The slight difference in the ingredients delivers brand new taste without reducing the essence of mocha coffee.

1. White Mocha

The recipe of mocha calls for chocolate to sweetened the coffee, and some baristas add pure white chocolate to espresso. The white coffee offers light taste to compliment the strong coffee.

2. Dark Mocha

When you order this menu, you will get the deep flavor from mocha. It is made by mixing espresso and dark chocolate.

3. Tan Mocha

The other names for this variant are black and white mocha, zebra, and tuxedo mocha. The chocolates poured in the cup are both dark and white ones.

“The Other” Latte

Even when the difference between latte and mocha is quite obvious, you might fail to recognize these variants of latte. Learn more about the composition or you may order the wrong thing.

1. Cafe Au Lait

Also known as Cafe con Leche, this is the most popular menu after caffelatte itself. Apart from its standard recipe, you could get additional sugar in the cup.

2. Mocha Latte

No, it is not the combination of mocha and caffelatte. It is a cup of original latte with chocolate syrup or powder added to the coffee. The topping is whipped cream or the other sweet additives.

3. Flavored Latte

The flavoring added to your latte is either powder or syrup and topped with whipped cream. Most popular flavors are vanilla, peppermint, cinnamon, almond, hazelnut, caramel and toffee.

You cannot enjoy a cup of warm coffee if you actually don’t like the taste of dark colored liquid inside. One way to choose the tasty coffee is by learning the component and taste to expect. As always, the basic ingredient is espresso. A point of difference between latte and mocha is its sweetness and topping

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