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Spearmint Tea Benefits: The Reasons Why You Have to Drink It

Spearmint Tea Benefits: The Reason Why You Have to Drink ItEven though it is popular as single title, not many know what are the real spearmint tea benefits. You probably heard this area before from mouth cleaning product such as tooth paste and mouthwash. This herbal leaves also gains popularity as the additional touch on many products such as iced tea and candies. Although it looks as if spearmint only beneficial in processed from, the fresh one brings even more benefits.

Amazing Spearmint Tea Benefits for Your Body

You have some options to keep your body healthy: doing sports, taking medicine, or keeping healthy lifestyle. Since hospital and suffocating doctor bill should be avoided, many people are looking for easy but beneficial ways to guard metabolism from internal infection. One possible way to bridge the demand of health and the ease of access is drinking spearmint tea. Have you heard about the benefits of this herb at all?

1. Strengthen Immune System

You might not expect a great effect comes from the small leaves like spearmint. After going through medical tests, it is found that herb leaves contains antibacterial substance. By frequently consuming a cup of spearmint tea every day, you are guarding your cells from internal and external infection. In addition, you will also get antibacterial power. The combination of these two advantages rockets the value of spearmint tea.

2. Reducing Nausea

Do you know how that spearmint leaves have anti-inflammatory effect? Even though it is not as powerful as the other herbs, it helps to soothe upset stomach or nausea. This condition is triggered by minor inflammation inside your stomach. Spearmint tea benefits include the calming effect for the imbalanced internal digestion. As a bonus, it also fixes any metabolism problem, eliminating cram and also constipation.

3. Balancing Hormone Level

Do you have bad days lately? If these days last more than a week, there must be something wrong with your hormones. Don’t underestimate what this condition could do to your body. Lower or higher hormone level will affect your mood, behavior, energy, and even your appearance. Steady dose of spearmint tea is proven to bring the hormone back to normal level, if you consume this daily or regularly.

4. Curing Hirsutism

Consuming spearmint tea is great for everyone, but especially for women. It could treat a condition called hirsutism. Due to high level of androgen inside women’ body, hair starts growing on unwanted body parts. The natural chemical substance in spearmint decreases the male hormone. This spearmint tea benefits are announced as the result of a two-week clinical study is conducted on controlled group.

5. Preventing Lethal Illness

Since eyes have no micro optical function to scan the air you are breathing, you won’t know how many free radicals you inhale. As you might have known, free radical triggers cellular mutation1. Also for this reason, nobody would expect to get cancer in the body system. Guard your body well using the antioxidant from spearmint leaves. It helps to kick free radicals out from your body without disturbing immune system.

6. Reducing Inflammation

Ever wonder why the elders are suggested to consume the herb tea? Because it is one of the amazing spearmint tea benefits! For a long time ago, it has been a common sense to drink spearmint tea when you have headaches. The anti-inflammatory compound soothes the pain not only the head, but all over your body. If you have problem with your joints, internal digestion and sore throat, then this is the perfect cure.

7. Soothing Colicky Baby

Those who already experience baby-sitting would know what colicky is. It will disturb your sleep for weeks, since the baby won’t stop crying. This condition is related to temperament issue. A small dose would do the trick and calm the baby. To get shooting spearmint tea benefits, you could give spearmint tea to your baby. If you are breastfeeding, you could drink the tea instead. However, you have to control the dosage.

8. Slowing Down Fungal Activity

In case you don’t know yet, traditional medication expert has recommended spearmint tea to cure fungi related disease. Thanks to the anti-fungal substance, you could tackle internal fungal infections as well as the intestinal parasites. These two are not yet popular, but later on will cause a lot of health problems. Regular spearmint tea will help cleansing digestive tract, which is not a preferable environment for fungi to live.

What Is Inside the Spearmint?

After listing some spearmint tea benefit, you might wonder what substances help with the recovery process. Another name of this herb leaves is Mentha spicata. Many people recognize this name in bubblegum package, but it has more than what you see. The leaves hold high active ingredients that ignite the distinct scent and flavor.

Nutritional Facts

When you enjoy spearmint tea, the best way is to throw in the fresh leaves. Do you know what 100 grams of them hold? The most dominant nutrition would be energy, carbohydrate, protein, iron, vitamin C, and potassium. The energy is counted to 44 kilo calories, while the carbohydrate reaches out 8.41 grams. That is why you will gain slight power after drinking the tea. The protein counts to 3.29 grams.

The 11.87 milligram of iron and 13.3 milligram of Vitamin C strengthen spearmint tea benefit. The last dominating substance would be potassium, measuring up to 458 milligrams. If you talk about the active ingredients, they are Mint L-carvone and limonene. After the spearmint leaves are extracted, the substance shift to menthol and flavonoids.

Side Effects of Spearmint Tea

Even though these effects do not happen when you drink freshly brewed tea, you should take them as a caution. Some manufacturers sell spearmint in the form of oil, which may cause skin and eyes irritation. Without any immediate first aid action, your cornea might break. Should you inhale the oil, you will experience respiratory tract problem.

Some herbs needs to be extracted before it could be used. While considering this point, spearmint is the all round herbal leaves. It could deliver maximum benefits for the users, in any form. Mix it to your warm afternoon tea and enjoy the health advantages with style. Making it as a habit is highly recommended. Get spearmint tea benefit to cure several light health issues.


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