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Solid Reasons to Choose Virtu Coffee Maker – Review

Solid Reasons to Choose Virtu Coffee Maker - ReviewHitting the search engine, lots of coffee maker brands will pop up. Among those brands, Virtu might not sound familiar, but it actually a top notch coffee maker. When the other brands are focusing on specialty machine, Virtu can do most of them. Several additional benefits will make you fall further to this brand.

Virtu Coffee Machine Works On Both!

Coffee lovers should have known that common coffee maker can only work with one certain type of coffee. It will be either grinded coffee or fresh bean coffee. To make the list longer, several factories even mention specific coffee type it could brew. In short, a costumer has to go through double thinking process: what type of coffee I will use and what type of coffee I want to have every day?

It is quite hard to find a short cut to this logic. Thankfully, coffee maker by Virtu could work with both. On top shelf of the machine, there is a slot for coffee. Put coffee in it, grinded or fresh bean won’t be a problem. Smart system installed to machine will detect the coffee and decide what to do.

Sip Better Taste

If this coffee maker is as smart as the advertising, then how is the taste? Reviews from the other coffee machines showed that the quality is gradually getting worse. Even after changing to fresh beans, the taste is not getting any better. This case happened to a machine that handle one coffee type and brew one variant only. Will this multi-tasking machine be different?

People who have Virtu coffee machine at their house for years never have complaint about the taste. In fact, they compliment how their coffee tastes better. It won’t change as long as owners do daily maintenance.

Brew More Coffee

This statement works for both coffee variant and volume. After putting the raw coffee materials to its slot, then users simply give orders by pushing a button on touch screen display. Several options are available. Some of them are coffee, extra strong coffee, café latte, vanilla latte, espresso shot, etc. Even first timer won’t have any problem with this friendly coffee maker by Virtu.

As for the volume, users will love how the machine brews then pours more than standard measurement. Try to go for espresso shot. Using espresso cup will not be enough. Users literally have to grab small cappuccino cups. Upon this oddity, costumers are more satisfied than upset.

Environmentally Friendly

How could all coffee maker by Virtu produce less waste? This question easily pops into anyone’s mind as they read about this feature. First of all, this smart coffee maker brews the coffee to its maximum. As the result, there will be less ground coffee left. Users could wait until several brewing processes before removing the waste bag.

Articles have revealed that ground coffee has lots of benefits, especially as fertilizer, freshener and beauty mask. These options should make users think twice before throwing the ground coffee to the bin. Second, Virtu as its responsible manufacturer put on minimum plastic. Its frame is made from steel, and no plastic disc is inserted in the machine.

Lately, BPA free coffee makers gain high popularity for being safe. BPA is mostly found in plastic product. So, eliminating plastic disc from coffee maker brewing machine like Virtu is a huge step. In addition, no brewing process requires filter paper, although manual machine makes it obligatory.

Third, manufactory purposely makes all wrappings functional. In shorts, users won’t have to deal more than anything necessary while ripping the packages. Fourth advantage pictures how thoughtful the team is while designing the model. This smart coffee machine will last for long years of use. Users could even refurbish their products.

More Practical

Aside of processing both grinded coffee and coffee bean, there is another practical things users should know. Are you familiar with “energy saving mode” in coffee maker? Basically it is quite similar to computer “idle” mode. After the machine is switched on, it will go off after twenty or two hours without brewing. Hit power button once again to start another brewing.

Virtu released line of products. Some of them could brew single cup while the others might handle two. Users only need to put cup on designated place. Smart system will detect it and illuminate the area. Illuminating cup space might sound simple, but it helps a lot to ensure users that system has recognized the cup. If brewing process doesn’t start after touching the button, then check the cup.

Looking at the brochure, you will learn that each coffee machine is made specifically for either grinded or fresh bean. Luckily, products from Virtu brand works well with both. There is no need to spend more money to buy double coffee makers. By choosing the item, you also make less waste. Isn’t that wonderful?

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