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Seven Blossoms Tea Benefits – the Best Reasons to Drink It

Health Benefits of Seven Blossoms Tea: the Reasons to Drink ItThe seven blossoms tea is also known as the blooming tea or flowering tea. It contains the combination of certain flowers and tea leaves. One or more dried flowers are being wrapped into the dried tea leaves bundles to form the bulb shape. Besides its interesting package, there are several health benefits of seven blossoms tea that you need to know.

History of Seven Blossoms Tea

The origin of the seven blossoms tea is Yunnan province, China. Nowadays, this tea is already known in the world due to its health benefits and also its unique package. Essentially, the flowers are being wrapped inside the black or green tea leaves. This wrapping makes the flowers have the same health benefits as the black or green tea leaves.

Green tea is known for its strength as the antioxidant source. The antioxidant substances like catechins or flavonoids can protect the cells from any diseases. Catechins is very useful in inhibiting the bacteria growth in the mouth which causes the bad breath. It also becomes the metabolism booster to help the weight loss and fat burning.

The theanine in black and green tea is able to elevate the mood as well as reduces the stress as it releases the relaxing effect. This substance is also able to protect the cardiovascular health through lowering high triglycerides and cholesterol level.

Health Benefits of Seven Blossoms Tea

Besides green and black tea, the seven blossoms tea consists of several dried flowers such as yellow chrysanthemum, trollius chinensis, rose, liliy, marigold, globe amaranth, osmanthus, and jasmine. These flowers bring different benefits or effects to the body. The health benefits of seven blossom tea are as follows:

  • Antioxidants Richness

As we already know, teas are rich in antioxidants. This is why many people like to drink tea as frequently as tea has the ability to get rid of dangerous toxins inside of the body. Blossoms tea, despite its pleasing and unique taste and look, also has rare antioxidant substances which can’t be found in other types of tea.

As mentioned previously, seven blossoms tea has high level of flavanoids and cathecins. It is because the blossom tea consists of different kinds of tea in one package. It means that it has the best ingredients among all teas. Each ingredient of this blossom tea has its own beneficial antioxidant.

  • Skin Nourishing

Other health benefit of this blossom tea is that it is able to nourish the skin. The blossom tea is rich in special polyphenols which can make the skin beautiful and healthy. If you consume this tea, you will be able to make your skin beautiful from inside and outside. The antioxidant of the tea protects the skin from the UV radiation.

It also makes sure that the cells and tissues of the skin are managed to be healthy and repaired if needed. Regularly consuming this tea is also able to reduce such enzyme reactions which cause the elastin and collagen breakdown inside the skin. If you want your skin to be young looking and beautiful, you can drink this seven blossoms tea.

  • Metabolic Rates Booster

Drinking the blossom tea may increase the metabolic rates into such impressive level. the antioxidant of the tea is able to burn fats in the body. It is able to manage the metabolism efficiency in the body to keep the fat storage in normal state. It also ensures that the fats accumulated in the body are not excessive.

Besides all above, there are still many more heath benefits of seven blossom tea that you haven’t known yet. It can reduce the risk of cancer, alleviate stress, protect the heart, and so on. It is recommended to drink this seven blossom tea if you want to maintain your health.

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