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Red Bull vs Coffee: Which One Is Better for Our Body?

Red Bull vs Coffee: Which One Is Better for Our Body?Red Bull vs coffee is only an example to show about the differences between energy drink and coffee. We know that Red Bull is a famous products consuming by many people. It is similar with coffee a way. People drink coffee in the morning, in the evening, in the afternoon and most all the time. However, you have to know which is better for your body. You cannot avoid the properties contains in each the product. This following information may help you in finding the answer.

The Caffeine in Red Bull vs Coffee

Not all people consume coffee to get caffeine for their body. However, caffeine in the coffee is common reason why most of us drink coffee in the morning before we start our activity. Even, we make a cup of coffee in the midnight to help us stay up late. Red Bull VS Coffee has different milligrams of caffeine. When we compare the caffeine essence in the coffee and Red Bull, it shows that coffee has higher caffeine than the Red Bull. People are recommended to consume caffeine only not more than 400 milligrams caffeine a day. However, in a cup of coffee usually contains of 80-200 milligrams of caffeine. The Red Bull has 80 milligrams of caffeine.

Even though, in the Red Bull also contains Taurine. It is an essence occurring stimulant. When your body not strong enough to accept it, you will suffer from several disease and critical for your bodily functions including calcium signaling, antioxidant, cardiovascular functions, musculoskeletal and retinal development while coffee does not have Taurine. Though, there is no specific study about the negative and positive impact of Taurine, you have to be careful with it. As long as you drink Red Bull in safe mode or not drink it too much, it seems thatit will not risk your health.

Why Coffee Is Better Than Red Bull?

coffee is healthier to our body

When we are talking about Red Bull VS Coffee, there are several reasons why coffee is better or we can say safer than Red Bull. In the previous part, it says that coffee has higher caffeine than Red Bull and no Taurine. Indeed, Taurine can stimulant your body, you cannot say that it is safer than caffeine. Not only about the Taurine, it some reasons why you are better to consume coffee rather than Red Bull:

Coffee has less sugar

When you are drinking Red Bull, it means that you also drink all the chemical properties inside it. If we compare it with coffee, of course the coffee is healthier than the Red Bull. For example, if you consume a cup of black coffee, it has no sugar while a Red Bull has almost 27 grams of sugar. You cannot consume sugar in high dose or you can suffer in diabetes.

If you choose coffee to accompany you every morning, you choose a drink which contains a lot of antioxidants while Red Bull does not have. In a cup coffee, it contains more than 1,000 compound and some of the compounds are antioxidants. Indeed, Red Bull is also compound with so many chemical properties but lack of antioxidants.

You can drink coffee in the morning

People today cannot refuse a cup of coffee in the morning. Rather than drinking a can of Red Bull, people choose to drink a cup of coffee. When we are choosing a cup of coffee, we will feel more relaxing and shooting. The coffee will also stimulate us at the same time. Just imagine if you drink Red Bull in the morning which contains a lot of sugar. Your body may have stimulant quite well, but because you are already consume a lot of sugar in the morning, you will also feel not fresh.

Coffee can be convenient as well

Of course when you are enjoying Red Bull, it is quite convenient since it makes in factory. However, when you like to drink a cup of coffee, it is also as convenient as Red Bull. You just need to go to auto-drip machine with brewing process and even the sophisticated one can help you in making coffee only with several buttons. If you have much time, then you can make it by yourself. You just need to prepare cold-brewed coffee and combine it with hot water or ice just up to you. Then you can get you cup of coffee complete with caffeine and antioxidant but less of chemical properties.

Why Coffee and Energy Drinks Are Not Treated Equally?

There are some reasons outside the caffeine that makes of most people always comparing coffee and energy drinks like Red Bull VS Coffee. You need to know how caffeine is delivered that seems to be an issue. All of us know that energy drink like Red Bull has little long-term safety research while coffee has been using for centuries. We do research more about the coffee over the last 100 year than the energy drink. You know that energy drinks usually contains not just caffeine. Sometimes, it is also a combination of caffeine, amino acids, vitamins, and often herbs.

When you put sugar at your coffee, sometimes it tastes sweeter than the Red Bull. It happens because in energy drink usually contains a lot of sugar more than a cup of coffee has. For example Red Bull has 27 grams of sugar, a Monster Energy Drink contains of 54 sugar which is equal to 13,5 teaspoons. We know that coffee is natural beverage while energy drinks are made from artificial preservatives, flavors, and dyes. When you drink coffee, of course you sipped it rather than drink it quickly like you drink energy drink. That is why when you drink energy drink like Red Bull, the caffeine is delivering quicker in your body. For some people coffee is bitter while the energy drink usually has sweet taste or even using fruit flavored.

We know that there are some cases about drink too much energy drink but less because of coffee. Yet, it is your choice whether you choose coffee or energy drink because there are big differences while talking about the Red Bull VS Coffee since both of them is come from different production.

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