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Recommended Cuban Coffee Brands to Start the Day

Recommended Cuban Coffee Brands to Start the DayWhat are your favorite Cuban coffee brands? Or, most importantly, what makes you fall for its charm? Being the best Arabican coffee, the sweetness from this special item is different from the other coffee product. Building its popularity from Miami, South Florida, several top brands extend their wings to Europe, Asia, UK and US. Make sure you learn enough about this well-known coffee.

Top Cuban Coffee Brands for Best Coffee Experience

There are more countries that could distribute higher amount of coffee compared to Cuba. However, none of these cities could beat the finest quality Cuban coffee could offer. For the ability to maintain the quality for years, many costumers fall for the taste and aroma. That is why, you could find this product in European and Asian market.

With this being said, you might think that all brands have similar quality, as long as you purchase it in Miami. Sadly, this is not the case. Certainly some of them are placed higher in the chart then the others. Make sure you ask for these specific brands: Bustelo Coffee, Cafecito Cubano, and Cafe Pilon. So what makes people love them?

1. Bustelo Coffee

This is the first popular Cuban coffee brands you should know. Those who have tasted it give two thumbs up. Enjoy the aromatic smoky smell the moment you pour hot water in the glass. You could also sense faint oil and caramel touch. Having this coffee in the morning will definitely bring luxurious vibe in your house.

One thing that might stop you to try this unique coffee is the taste. Surprisingly, the first sip tastes as strong as espresso, which no other coffee could bring. You will check the bittersweet sensation, as the combination of blasting smoke technique and oil pinch ingredient.

You might think that this Cuban coffee brands doesn’t stroll too far from extraordinary coffee; not only in aroma but also in taste. Unless you finish your cup, you won’t be able to sip into the balance of bitter and sour within the dark colored liquid. Try to focus on the texture, too. It glides smoothly on your tongue, giving an oily punch once in a while, usually in the middle of the sip.

If you never heard oil in coffee grinding, then you will get awe-struck after tasting Bustelo coffee. The mixed oil is not even close to be called overbearing. In fact, it provides brand new sensation you never get before. Now look closely to the cup. Compare how the Cuban coffee brands looks with the original black coffee. You will realize that it actually spread dark wine color, wrapped beautifully by orange light in the edge.

2. CafeCito Cubano Espresso

Next time you visit Miami, don’t forget to order CafeCito. This Cuban coffee brands is popular among tourists and even the local people. In its original country, it is served in thimble-size cup. Those who love strong coffee will love this menu, as it is twice powerful than Americano. Don’t worry too much about having numb tongue: a cup of CafeCito is also sweeter than normal coffee.

Enjoying coffee in the real cafe, you will see the staff prepare your order using grinding machine. For your convenience, you can also purchase the instant product in online stores. It means you don’t have to spend more money to buy additional machine. If you are one of those techno guys, you probably own drip coffee in your house. It works well to brew the Cuban coffee. Enjoy the alluring aroma while brewing your cup of coffee.

Packed in 10 oz sachet each, the items you need are a pitcher, a teaspoon and hot water. Add sugar if you like. The taste or pure CafeCito is just right. It somehow could fit the bitterness level of Italian costumer, but also satisfying the sour demand from its home country. Some costumers mention that the taste is similar to espresso, European style. The only difference is the rich and deep taste.

Purchasing one bundle of CafeCito will get you three coffee packs. The price is around 18 dollars for a bundle. Isn’t it pretty cheap for a 100% coffee product? Before you add it to the shopping cart, see if your country is included in the shipping list.

3. Cafe Pilon

Purchasing this Cuban coffee brands means that you are holding the trump card of best selling lattes in any Cuban cafe. Some people also called it Cuban Espresso. Now you can make your own Latin latte or widely known as cafe con leche in South Florida. Local people in Miami serves it in the morning or as a comforting cup while rain dripping from the roof.

What are the strong points of Cafe Pilon? It would be its roasting technique. The distributors would proudly mention that their products are freshly roasted from the best coffee beans. You will be able to see the roasting quality once you brew it. The top roast product should emit dark color and rich taste, just like how you would have it in Cuba.

The claim that Cafe Pilon is one of the best Cuban coffee brands comes not only from local people, but also from the visitors. Otherwise, cafe con leche won’t be the signature beverage of South Florida. To get a pack of this coffee, you should pay around 19 dollar for 1lbs bag. Keep in mind that the coffee inside is not grounded yet. You have to purchase the grinding machine or borrow it from friends.

If you live in US, it is an impossible mission to find these beans in the store. You have to compete with the other customers who have approved the richness brought by this coffee. Store this coffee properly: in an air-tight container, preventing any air to leak in. This way, you could preserve the valuable oil in the beans.

You don’t have to be a coffee holic to notice wide variety of coffee types. Cuban coffee has its own charm compared to the other labels in the market. Next time you visit Miami or coffee shop, make sure you take the most recommended brands only. Why don’t you start brewing your Cuban coffee brands?

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