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Raspberry Leaf Tea for Menstruation: Myth or Fact?

Raspberry Leaf Tea for Menstruation: Myth or Fact?Lots of women associate their period with pain and cramps and some of them rely on raspberry leaf tea for the period. This tea can easily be found in the grocery store and it is considered one of the best medications for period pain. But, does it really work?

The Use of Raspberry Leaf Tea for Period

Raspberry leaf tea has been actually used as a natural remedy for period pain for centuries. Some medicines to ease the period pain also include the raspberry leaf on the ingredients. Not only because of its nutrients, but the raspberry leaf is also used because the body is easy to digest it.

Although it has been used for many centuries, raspberry leaf tea for the period is still debatable. It is because there is an insufficient number of scientific researches about it. But still, lots of women have proved the benefits of drinking this magic potion.

The secrets behind the use of raspberry leaf tea for the period are the fragarine and tannis found in the tea. Fragarine is usually used to treat the cramp in the muscle, especially in the pelvic. While tannis is usually used to strengthen the uterus. Both fragarine and tannis are very important to relieve the pain of period, such as cramps, nausea, and also diarrhea.

Not only fragarine and tannis, but raspberry leaf tea also has iron, vitamin B, and potassium. These three additional nutrients are also beneficial to reduce the period cram while giving you more energy. By drinking raspberry leaf tea, you will feel less pain during your period and you will also relax your uterus.

But wait, the benefits don’t stop here. Raspberry leaf tea also high in vitamin C as well as magnesium. The vitamin C is very beneficial to strengthen your immune system and the magnesium will give your body additional mineral.

The Best Way to Drink Raspberry Leaf Tea

Raspberry leaf tea is actually easy to find. You can always buy the pre-made raspberry leaf tea in the convenient store near you. If you cannot find it, you can always buy it online. But, you need to make sure that you buy the right raspberry leaf tea, not raspberry tea because they are different.

After you have bought the tea, you might be wondering about when and how to drink it. It is actually easy to make it when you buy the raspberry leaf tea on a tea bag, but if you want to get thrifty and want to make the tea from the leaf, you need a long process before you can enjoy your cup of tea.

If you want to make it yourself, you need to start from purchasing the healthy leaves you can find. Once you have bought them, you need to wash them clean and dry them in the oven to speed up the drying process. After it has been done, you can enjoy your tea right away.

You can always drink this tea on a regular basis, but if you are not used to it, you can start drinking this tea once a week to get a good result. If you are struggling with irregular period and period cramp, you can drink this tea every day before, during, and after the period. By doing so, you will get less pain and your period will come regularly.

Precautions Before Drinking the Tea

Since there are still fewer researches about raspberry leaf tea for the period, the side effects are still unknown. But, some people believe that it is quite safe for everyone to drink this tea, even for kids and pregnant women.

Some people also believe that drinking this tea during pregnancy will help the labor and help the postpartum issues. If you are struggling with nausea and vomiting during your pregnancy, drinking this tea is believed to help a lot. You are suggested to drink this tea during your second and trimester or pregnancy as a natural remedy.

However, some researches show that this tea contains laxative properties that help you with constipation and bowel movement. Some people might be sensitive to this and drinking the tea might cause mild diuretic effect and excessive urination.

Before you drink raspberry tea for a period, you are highly suggested to consult the doctor to avoid any kind of complication. Although it can help you with pregnancy and labor, you need to limit the dosage to 1 cup at a maximum per day. If you suspect something wrong with your body after drinking this tea, you need to immediately stop drinking it.

Raspberry leaf tea for the period, in fact, has been used from a long time ago. The nutrients in the tea help the body to reduce the pain of the period. Although considered natural and helpful for a period, you still need to consult the doctor before drinking it.

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