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Many Tasty Variants of Trader Joe’s Kombucha – Review

Many Tasty Variants of Trader Joe’s Kombucha – ReviewJust months ago, people in the town are going crazy with kombucha tea. It was said to be a great drink with lots of benefits. Some that had tasted it before also claimed that kombucha brought similar after taste like soda. Before drawing red lines from these reviews, you better know some facts about it.

Why Kombucha?

As people slowly realize the importance of living healthily, a lot of herbal and organic products are popping out to the market. They are competing with the current “everyone’s favorite” products, such as soda and junk food. While organic food has to do better promotion to replace the tasty junk food, kombucha sips in quite naturally.

In fact, it is not difficult to fall for this organic drink, especially Trader Joe’s kombucha. After the first sip, you will taste fizzy sensation, accompanied with mild fermentation flavor. In addition to kombucha’s similar taste to soda, this fermented tea also has several benefits for health.

One of the most popular kombucha’s benefits is detoxification. Even though many people might love how it tastes, not everyone is happy with its side effects. When healthy person drinks kombucha, then their bodies are not triggered. Those with low immune system or lots of allergies will have to think twice. Kombucha might trigger several reactions.

Another popular benefit of Trader Joe’s kombucha is increasing the production of immune system in the body. Don’t forget that fermented product always has bacteria. The only difference is whether it is good or bad bacteria. Luckily, kombucha has probiotics, the good guy. Some people are trying to make their own kombucha tea, but it doesn’t end well. Wrong process will nurture bad germs as well.

Variants of Kombucha by Trader Joe

Either you visit Trader Joe store or buying it from convenience store, there will be more than one choice. Instead of selling the plain fermented tea, Trader Joe spiced it up a bit. There are at least three variants; each is more than worth to try.

  • Kombucha Mango

Looking at the name, many might wonder whether it contains kombucha or regular juice. Those who did a little research about kombucha will learn that the product was made through fermentation process. How is it possible for kombucha to have mango taste? Even when original kombucha does have taste, it would be either lemon or ginger. So, where does the mango comes from?

Kombucha mango is created by mixing regular kombucha and mango juice. Learning about this fact, you might get further question: what is the ratio? For Trader Joe’s kombucha, mango taste won’t ever overpower the signature flavor. Take a look at the nutrition fact sheet and you will find that there is only 1% of juice.

  • Kombucha Green

Now, for organic products lovers, greens are definitely exciting. However, fermented tea usually has dark brown color. Should you be alarmed with the color change? Well, don’t be. Green color comes from spirulina and chlorella. If you are suspicious about these additional are, then learn that both are also popular healthy product. Spirulina and chlorella belong to algae family.

Wild guess from those who never taste this green kombucha might question about the taste. What would it be like to have fermented tea mixed with algaes? Surprisingly, there is one more additional ingredient that is not mentioned in the list. It is no other than apples; not the green ones, but the red ripe apples. Overall, green kombucha tastes quite okay.

  • Kombucha Pomegrante Hibiscus

Last Trader Joe’s kombucha to discuss has pomegranate and hibiscus flavor. It is easy to differentiate the package, as it has red label. So, how would it taste like? Judging from the liquid color and smell, many think that it will be quite similar to cranberry juice.

Among all the variants, this red label bottle has the strongest tardiness. The flavor is a little bit hard to tolerate for those who prefer mild taste. In addition, you might not be able to detect any hibiscus flavor at all.

Trader Joe is no stranger to processed organic products. Aside from its three kombucha variants, there are many other unique items sold in the store. Still, people love how Trader Joe’s tea fermentation is tastier than the other brands. There is higher chance to come back for second purchase not long after the first one.

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