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Magical Benefits of Adding Ghee in You Coffee That You Should Know

Magical Benefits of Adding Ghee in You Coffee That You Should KnowPeople might not understand yet about the benefits of ghee in coffee. Some people even look confused when they heard the name “ghee”. Why so? It is because it is not a Western way to enjoy coffee. In any coffee shop, the waitress usually provides sugar and creamer, not ghee.

What Is Ghee Actually?

Several people who have heard of this ingredients before must have some experience with Eastern cuisine, especially Indian dish. Ghee has been used for hundred years in Ayurveda, either for cooking or medication. It is basically a clarified butter. Any kitchen could make it: simply melt the usual butter and get rid of the fat on the top. Let it cool down for several minutes.  The ghee is the yellow liquid left on the pan.

The word “ghee” itself comes from Sanskert words. It means “sprinkled”, referring to the making process. Aside from India, “ghee” is also common ingredients in Southeast Asia.

What Are the Benefits of Ghee in Coffee?

Many people never really opt to have ghee coffee in the morning because it doesn’t sound right. Moreover, who adds butter to their coffee? Well, some other people did, and they gain a lot of health benefit from the tasty coffee.

  • Safe for Lactose Intolerant

Some of the coffee lovers have limited option to add into their cup: it is either black or sweet. One of the reason might be their lactose intolerant problem. Adding milk or butter will make their stomach grumble for the whole day. Adding Ghee won’t give the coffee drinkers such commotion. Ghee has been purified, so they are safer.

  • Maintain Flexibility

There is a reason why Indian people especially love having ghee coffee in the morning. India is not only known for its ghee, but also yoga. Adding ghee in coffee benefits your body in maintaining its flexibility. Ghee could lubricate the connective tissue inside the body.

  • Nutrients Rich

Remember the making process of ghee? The fat inside the butter has been removed. What is left in the substance is healthy and fat soluble vitamin. Some of them are vitamins A, D, E, and K. Each of them has their own function in strengthening bones, rejuvenating brain cells and increasing the immune system.

  • Great Digestion System

Consuming ghee regularly has another health benefit. It helps the good bacteria in the digestive track to break down the fiber in food into acid. Therefore, the intestines don’t have to work too hard to absorb the beneficial nutrients from fiber. In addition, ghee could also increase someone’s appetite, very helpful for the picky eaters.

  • Lower Cholesterol Level

In many health articles, many authors are discussing about the dos and don’ts menu to reduce cholesterol. High level of cholesterol could kill the person within years. Fortunately, ghee belongs to the “do” group, since it could lower the cholesterol level. The effect applies for serum and intestine part.

What About Ghee in Tea?

Now what about those who do not prefer to have a cup of coffee in the morning? They are interested in ghee but their favorite is a cup of warm tea. The benefits of ghee in coffee will still be valid even though the person drinks ghee with tea.

There is no difference in method; put ghee to replace sugar. Mix well before drinking. People in Tibetan village have similar beverage called po cha. Instead of using cow milk butter, they make ghee from yak milk butter.

Think twice before refusing ghee coffee. Being not familiar with the ingredients doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have any benefits at all. In fact, ghee is rich in nutrients when compared to the other coffee pairing. Those who aim to maintain their health are suggested to take ghee coffee every morning.

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