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Macchiato Vs Cappuccino: Which Is Which?

Macchiato Vs Cappuccino: Which Is Which?You might heard before that people are easily confused between macchiato vs cappuccino. They just call it as “latte”, and innocently believing that all lattes has no difference. Snap out from this old misleading habit. Macchiato has different percentage compared to Cappuccino. This little difference then delivers variety of tastes in your cup.

Macchiato Vs Cappuccino: Main Distinction

There are three main components of these popular coffees: milk, foam and espresso. Different glass of coffee variations could be made from different thickness of each components. Foam for coffee is totally edible. You can make it by yourself. Just whip steamed milk gently until it becomes a foam. So how are they different?

1. Macchiato

First of all, the basic difference of macchiato vs cappuccino is the coffee percentage. In Italian, macchiato means marked: espresso stained with milk. The base is espresso, topped with milk. In the other words, a cup of macchiato will give you a strong coffee with a soft touch of milk at the end.

2. Cappucino

The one third base layer is espresso, the middle is milk and the top is foam. The topping are varied: chocolate drizzle or chocolate powder. If the waiter puts a cup of brownish coffee with thick white foam and artistic decorative topping, then it is the cappuccino.

What Are The Variants Of Cappuccino?

Turns out that the macchiato vs cappuccino difference isn’t only the basic components, but also the variants. When you meet one of these variations, don’t mistake it for ordinary latte.

1. Italy Cappuccino

While American usually enjoys coffee macchiato vs cappuccino in the morning, Italians has quite different idea. Drinking coffee at noon or night may have bad effect for the body. Therefore, it is great to have a cup of cappuccino with sweet pastry. A real cappuccino is made with espresso machine. Usually, barista will prepare it.

First, there will be espresso shot. The machine has steam wand attachment, which function is to steam and froth the milk. The steam will be pressured and shot to the cup, resulting lots tiny bubbles, plenty of heat, and larger volume.

There is also milky variant of cappuccino in Italy called cappuscini. Getting even further from strong macchiato vs cappuccino plus extra milk, cappuscini gains popularity among children.

2. Popular Cappuccino

Since cappuccino gains more popularity, many convenient stores try to copy the appearance of original product. Sadly, this brand new adjustment is vaguely related to Italian taste. Instead of espresso machine, the store uses dispensing machine. A cup of store-made cappuccino rarely has real espresso in it.

They pour in brewed coffee and mix it with whipped cream. In worse case, the espresso is substituted with powdered espresso.

3. Iced Cappuccino

Which one is more refreshing: iced macchiato vs cappucino? Save your answer later and learn more about this cappuccino fredo. It has frothed milk at the top. Americans prefer to have it as iced blend coffee.

4. Wet Cappuccino

People also called it cappuccino chiaro or light cappuccino. If original cappuccino has lots of foamed milk, wet one includes more hot milk. It allows the coffee to dilute more with the milk, giving off the taste of coffee latte.

5. Dry Cappuccino

Another name for this beverage is cappuccini scurro or dark cappuccino. Comparing basic macchiato vs cappuccino dried is quite challenging. Dark cappuccino has the least milk than the other types of cappuccino. On top of the coffee, you will have foam milk to keep the heat longer.

6. Flavored Cappuccino

This is the most popular type in United States. A cup of syrup will be added to the espresso. The favorite flavors are caramel, chocolate, peppermint, raspberry, and cinnamon. Some stores also add chocolate or cinnamon powder on the top of cappuccino foam.

What Are The Macchiato Variants?

The debate about is not fair without listing the variant of macchiato. Both looks similar in a glimpse, but has totally different taste and fragrant.

1. Basic Macchiato

It takes less than ten minutes to make basic macchiato at home. You need to buy two shots of espresso and foamed milk. Into a macchiato cup, you should pour the milk first, then hot espresso next.

2. Ice Cafe Macchiato

Do you want to make it at home? Then prepare one cup of ice, espresso and milk. Arrange the ice cubes in the cup, and add milk, vanilla and sweetener. Espresso always goes last. Increase the sweetness by adding vanilla drizzle and caramel sauce.

3. Caffe Macchiato

The modern version of macchiato is often called caffe macchiato. However, the final cup shares more similarities with latte than the original one. These caffe kinds reverse the steps of macchiato making. Instead of adding milk into espresso, caffe demands to splash espresso into milk.

4. Caramel Macchiato

Actually, it is more appropriate to call it vanilla caramel latte than a macchiato. It has espresso stirred with vanilla syrup, and foam milk with a tip of caramel on the top. With this level of sweetness, you could expect less strong coffee.

What About The Nutrition?

Have you compared macchiato vs cappuccino nutrition facts? In case you haven’t, there is a strong reason why you must do it. If you are the free-ride type, there is no problem with either type, as long as it is tasty and warm. Some others, however, concern about the calories and sugar contained in each cup.

1. Cappucino For Health

A British newspaper gives 3 stars out of five stars for cappuccino benefits. Within a cup of cappuccino, there are six grams of protein from milk. Want to count the calories? Whole milk has 150 calories and skimmed milk has 95 calories. A small amount of sodium is also found.

2. Macchiato Benefits

If you ask about the stars, it is similar to cappuccino. A basic cup of macchiato has 80 grams of caffeine and, if it is mixed with whole milk, serves 90 calories. Your body will also get three grams of protein. Since the calories are slightly lower, you could preserve your diet. Be careful with the caffeine, though. It makes some people hyper.

You cannot deny that differentiating flavored coffee only by its label is quite challenging. Now that you already know three basic components of coffee variants (foam, milk and coffee), you could also tell which one suits your palate best. The percentage of each layer will determine the sweetness or bitterness received by your taste bud. It will be strong coffee in macchiato vs cappuccino milky and foamy texture.

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