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Know It Better: What Is Chai Tea Good For

Know It Better: What Is Chai Tea Good ForYou are not the only person who wonder: “what is chai tea good for?”. People don’t usually ask this kind of question if the name of the item already says everything inside. Since chai is not a familiar name, some cannot guess what are inside. Let’s find out what the components are and how it will affect your body.

What Is Chai Tea Good For?

Consuming original tea is surely not enough if you are addressing numerous problems in our body and maintaining overall health. To be able to get maximum protection, there are more than ten cups of herbs and traditional spices you should consume each day. It would be bothersome, right?

Therefore, chai tea is invented. A single cup of chai tea has black tea, ginger, cardamon, cinnamon, fennel, clove and black pepper. The digestive system would welcome a pack of herbs which later helps the body defends itself against bad health treats. Do you want to know the power of each spice?

  1. Black Tea

This is the basic ingredients for a chai tea. So if you are asking: “what is chai tea good for”, then it will be stress decreasing. Some studies had found that black tea could suppress stress, which later also cut your appetite. That is why black tea is labeled as the best tea for weight loss purpose.

Moreover, black tea has great amount of antioxidant that could prevent cardiovascular disease. It is due to its ability to maintain the level of cholesterol in blood. Lastly, some studies suggested that black tea could fight certain types of cancer.

  1. Cardamon

After you sip the tea, the first landing place is stomach. This is where the cardamon spreads its nourishment: three point two grams fiber. Cardamon has low calories, but fulfills your appetite and also normalizes blood sugar level. The small amount of antioxidant also strengthens immune system in your body.

  1. Ginger

Have you experience sore muscles after a long day work? Well, ginger could help reducing that soreness by 25%. Ginger could make the muscle relax and even prevent inflammation effect: bloating. Your body part could bloat because the food you are eating activate several genes and enzymes.

Ginger, or specifically the gingerols in this matter, stops the chain reaction. The gingerols itself contains anti oxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-disease substance. Some researchers also add that ginger could reduce the signs of arthritis and prevent cancer.

  1. Cinnamon

Those who have uncontrollable blood sugar level will be glad to enjoy chai tea because of this ingredients. What is chai tea good for? One of them is controlling blood sugar and help the digestive system. Diabetic patients only need to add a spoon of cinnamon to their tea. Besides, it has antibacterial and antioxidant properties.

  1. Fennel

Just like the other ingredients, fennel is also equipped with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agent. The only difference is where it gives benefits. Fennel extract helps the digestive track muscle to relax and let the trapped gas passes. If you are on diet program, you will experience its natural diuretic action: cut down the water retention in your body.

  1. Clove

Recent studies in 2014 found that clove extract could slow down tumor cell growth. Within its small figure, you have several benefits: antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral agents. It also relieves pain and helps with digestion.  What is chai tea good for, if the cloves are not there?

  1. Black Pepper

Who knows that black pepper could slim down your waist and reduce body fat? It is not for the raw material, but for a substance called piperine. This compound has the power to reduce inflammation and even preventing the formation of new fat cells.

How Does Chai Tea Help Your Body?

You might have read somewhere that a group of beneficial ingredients do not always make the best combination. How is it so? Because each of them might be destructive against each other, thus result in a zero advantage combination. In the other cases, two potential properties could end up being a hazardous substance.

Don’t let this worry stops you. Since the materials to create chai tea shares similar functions, they tend to support each other instead of creating new harmful characteristic.

  1. Antioxidant Advantage

There are four powerful antioxidant carrier in a cup of chai tea: ginger, black tea, black pepper, and cardamon. How far it helps you? A world health magazine claims that chai tea plays a big role in decreasing certain types of cancer. To be specific, it is ovarian and skin cancer treatment.

  1. Anti-inflammatory Agent

Ginger is the hero in chai tea if you want to beat any kind of inflammation. Those who still wonder what is chai tea good for might not know yet that this herb is featured in traditional Indian Healing System. Therefore, there is more than enough reason to say that chai tea offers great benefit. Don’t forget that ginger got cinnamon and cloves as the other anti-inflammatory fellows.

  1. Digestion Hero

Besides cancer and tumor, the most feared diseases start from bad digestion system. What is chai tea good for? Believe it or not, it helps your stomach does its job better. Just look at black pepper that makes pancreas produce certain enzyme to push the digestion process of some difficult foods like fats. Don’t forget cinnamon that fights diarrhea and nausea.

  1. Hammering Down Cancer Risk

What is chai tea good for? It is funny that you might miss this point: cancer prevention. The high antioxidant level in a cup of chai tea could fight the rebellious cells before later it develops into cancer cell. In addition, several spices carry the antioxidant agent and each of them destroys different cancer.

When you cannot clearly tell how chai tea is different from the original one, the best way to learn is to break down the components. Having half of nourishing ingredients is good, and whole nutritious package that complement each other would be excellent. With a full box of information, you must already know what is chai tea good for.

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