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Keurig Not Filling Cup? Full Guide to Troubleshooting It

Keurig Not Filling Cup? Full Guide to Troubleshooting ItThe most annoying problem in the morning is getting too little sleep and it can be worst if your Keurig not filling cup. It is actually a common problem for every user, but you don’t need to worry, there are some easy do-it-yourself solutions to fix this annoying problem.

Why My Keurig Not Filling Cup?

Keurig is considered as one of the best coffee machines in the world. At the same time, lots of users always find different kinds of problems with this machine. The most common problem is Keurig not filling cup although you have performed the same method to make your favorite coffee. There are different answers regarding this problem.

  • The Debris Piles Up

The first reason why your Keurig wouldn’t fill a cup is the amount of debris on the machine. The debris causes the machine not to work properly. The water cannot flow well and it won’t fill your cup like usual.

  • The Puncture Needles Are Clogged

Keurig has two different puncture needles, the upper one and the lower one. Both of the puncture needles help the water to run to the K-cup. If your Keurig doesn’t fill the cup, it is most likely that the puncture needles are clogged.

  • Air Pump Problem

The last problem is related to the air pump of the machine. The air pump here helps to transfer the hot water from the boiler to the K-cup and coffee cup. If you have cleaned your coffee machine but the problem persists, it is most likely that the air pump is broken.

How to Fix the Problems and Other Common Problems

There are several solutions that can be tried to fix the problem. They are quite simple that you can easily do it yourself and only take a little time:

  • Use Natural Ingredients to Descale It

The most common problem that results in Keurig not filling cup is the amount of debris in the line. It is likely to happen if you use the machine for more than six months without cleaning it once. The machine cannot clean the line by itself and you are suggested to do a self-cleaning.

The best solution to fix your Keurig is by using natural ingredients you can easily find in your house to make it easier to clean. You just need to use your white vinegar to clean the line. If you don’t have any, you can also use lemon juice.

To clean the machine, you just need to use those ingredients and run the coffee machine as usual. The ingredients will clean the remaining debris in the line. If you want a more thorough cleaning, you can soak the machine in the solution for around 45 minutes. Then, you can clean or simply flush the machine using clean water to clean the remaining debris.

  • Try Burping Your Keurig

After you have tried the first solution, but the Keurig is still not filling the cup, you can try this silly way to fix the problem. You can try turning the machine upside down and clicking the bottom. It might be silly but this solution will be very helpful to unclog the debris on the line.

  • Deep Clean

The most common problem that everyone has with their Keurig is power. The coffee machine cannot work properly and keeps turning off by itself. If this problem persists, you need to try deep cleaning the machine. The deep cleaning will not only clean the entire machine from the debris, but it will also restore the performance of the machine.

The deep cleaning is quite easy. You just need to take out the entire parts of the machine and soak it in fresh water. Then, you need to reassemble it and try brewing water only without the K-cup several times. In this way, the machine will clean the entire parts and you will have a working Keurig again. This solution also helps the Keurig to fill your entire coffee cup.

  • Turning the Machine on and off

If your coffee machine still doesn’t work properly, the problem might be related to the power supply. It is a common problem for every Keurig and the best solution for it is to turn the machine on and off. You can cut the power supply and turn it on again after a while.

  • Contact Customer Care

Sometimes, there are Keurig problems that you cannot solve by yourself. You might have tried the entire solutions but nothing works out. If it happens, you need to contact the customer service to seek immediate assistance. The customer service is available for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You just need to call them and tell your problem to come up with the best solution.

Fixing Keurig not filling cup is actually very easy and you can always make use of the natural ingredients you have at home. If it still doesn’t solve the problem, you can try using other solutions. In the end, you don’t need to waste more money to purchase the new one.

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