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Is Your Coffee Mycotoxin Free? Are You Sure?

Is Your Coffee Mycotoxin Free? Are You Sure?Everyone likes bitter taste of a brew with preferable composition of sugar or milk. But, the alluring delight of coffee may turn out into a nightmare if we neglect the harmful things in the coffee. Are you sure that your delightful coffee is free from any mycotoxin? Nowadays, more people have been being afraid of mycotoxin in their coffee beans. They start hunting any product of coffee with ‘mycotoxin-free coffee’ label on it.

What Are Actually Mycotoxins?

Mycotoxins are secondary metabolites produced by particular species of molds during their growth in food. Currently, there are 300 kinds of mycotoxin. Five of them are very potential to cause any diseases both in humans and animals namely aflatoxin, okratoxin A, zearalenon, trikotesena, and fumonisin. Okratoxin often emerges from the mold Aspergillus ochraceous in dead or rotten plants, grains, nuts, and fruits. This type of toxin is known to cause kidney poisoning in humans and animals and is also suspected to be carcinogenic.

What Coffee Brands Are Mycotoxin-Free?

Realizing many diseases mycotoxin could trigger, people start hunting any product of coffee with ‘mycotoxin-free coffee’ label on it. Hence, many coffee factories have been competing on releasing their own product of such coffee. So, what coffee brands are mycotoxin-free and worth to try? Here are several mycotoxin-free coffee brands you may try.

  1. Purelife Mold-Free Coffee

This product is free from any mold and fungus. That means that there will be no any tendency for the beans to get contaminated. PureLife claims that it only uses “specialty grade” robusta beans. By air-roasting the coffee and never drum roasted the coffee, this product could confirm that it is free from any toxic residue due to particular drum-roasting.

  1. Peak Performance High Altitude Organic Coffee

The use of single origin coffee in this product convinces that it is mold-free. Why? Many researchers out there believe that blended coffee may have much higher likelihood of any bean varieties in the blend that may be contaminated by any mold.

Then, it may result in the mold contamination towards the entire batch. So, single-origin coffee is better and this product may be one of the answers of your anxiety towards any contaminated-coffee.

  1. Bulletproof The Original Ground Coffee

The beans are carefully processed and handled in every step of the coffee production which is able to minimize the opportunity for any harmful molds to develop. In the beginning process, this factory uses the patent steps to produce green coffee beans with exclusive class and minimum levels of any toxins bacteria, or even harmful molds.

Small batches of beans need to go to roasting process with certain conditions to minimize the possibility of toxin forming resulted from the roasting process. This particular step would be able to enhance contained antioxidant capacity of the beans to occur and attract the formation of molds.

  1. Premium Organic Ground Coffee By LifeBoost

This company is blessed to grow its single-origin Nicaraguan beans in high-elevation soil which is at 5.700 feet. This area is detached from any possibility for mycotoxin to colonize. Each small batch of the Nicaraguan beans are carefully tested for mycotoxin and inspected for the highest quality of coffee bean. That is how this brand can verify that it could give the consumers the most delicious, purest, and cleanest coffee they ever have to enjoy!

If you care about your health, ensure that your daily cup of coffee is healthy as well. The explanation of mycotoxin and several brands of mycotoxin-free coffee above are hopefully able to help you maintaining your health while keep enjoying your coffee. So, it is the time for you to enjoy a pure cup of coffee worry-less!

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