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Is It Safe to Drink Linden Tea for Heart Failure Patient?

Is It Safe to Drink Linden Tea for Heart Failure Patient?Many people say that drinking linden tea for heart damage is recommended. This opinion comes upon hearing the benefits of linden tea for improving heart condition. It is true that the tea could prevent sickness of the “healthy heart”. However, if it is already broken or damaged, then the patients have to double check the fact.

The History of Linden Tea

The use of linden tea dated back to the ancient times. The people adore linden tea for its amazing effect for health. Even the native Americans also knows its mild sedative effect. Since then, linden tea has never leave their kitchen. Some people also mention about the World War II soldiers drinking linden tea to calm themselves.

In modern times, linden tea is not the only popular product. The tea has become the favorite tea as well. There are some different names used to call the linden tea: lime tree, basswood, silver lime and lime flower. In spring season, linden flower smells so fragrant. The young leaves are great ingredients for a nice salad bowl. Some people even develop skin care products from the flower.

The Benefits of Linden Tea

Before discussing about linden tea for heart damage patient, it is best to learn about the benefit of the lime tree first. It has a lot of good quality: vitamins, volatile oil, antioxidant flavonoids, etc. When all of them combined, they could improve a person’s health in some ways.

1. Soothing Effect

Particularly in the tea shop in the big city, linden tea would be highly recommended menu. Sipping a cup of linden tea could bring relaxing and soothing effect1. People who have insomnia will love it.

2. Relieving Headache

One of the sign of too much stress is headache. Both migraine and full headache are painful and disturbing, especially while working. Drink a cup of warm linden tea to make the headache goes away instead of taking pills.

3. Calming Hyperactive Children

Parents who have very active kids now have some options to calm the children down. Linden tea is safe for young kids. Make a nice cup of linden tea before bed. Instead of jumping around, the kids will sleep soundlessly. They could have enough sleep and thus, reduce their grumpy attitude in the morning.

4. Reducing Stomachache

There are a lot of cases where someone could have stomachache: stress, sickness, etc. Drinking linden tea could relax the tensed muscles in digestive track. Even for those who have weak stomach, lime tree tea is safe for consumption.

5. Increasing Appetite

Who knows someone who have eating problem? Then pour a cup of linden tea for the persons. The substance in linden tea will stimulate the digestion system, sending hungry signal to the brain.

6. Flushing the Toxin

Another health effect from the linden tea is the ability to wash away the toxin inside the body. After drinking the tea, the person will feel the urge to go to the bathroom more often. Although it is considered as the side effect, a lot of bad toxins are extracted from the body through urine.

Linden Tea for Heart Damage

Since linden tea has calming effect, it already prevents several heart conditions such as arrhythmia and heart palpitations. It also reduces the possibility of hypertension and the plaque piling inside the artery.

All these health benefits don’t mean that linden heart is totally safe for patients with heart damage problem. There are some reports about health problem after consuming linden tea in high dose for a long period.

It is best to consult the doctor before taking linden tea. Keep in mind that this powerful tea might have reverse effect when consumed together with certain medication.

Linden tea is popular for its great aid to maintain health, especially the calming effect. Those who drink the tea or enjoy linden bath could relax their muscle tension. However, the patients with heart problem should think twice when they are going to consume linden tea. Make sure to ask the doctor first!


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