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Is Drinking Kombucha Daily Good? What’s the Possible Risk?

Is Drinking Kombucha Daily Good? What's the Possible Risk?If you are into healthy food and drink, you may have read about kombucha. Yup, this fermented tea is said to carry lots of health benefits. What is even greater about this beverage is that we can make our own kombucha at home so that we can always have kombucha ready every day. But Is drinking kombucha daily good?

Kombucha Overview

Kombucha is a beverage that is made from fermented green tea or black tea. This tea is rumored to carry halth benefits like better digestion, clearer skin, cancer prevention, and stronger immunity. This drink’s popularity has skyrocketed in the market as many people are tempted to try. But, is it ok to drink too much of this probiotic drink?

To answer that question, we need to understand what is inside the tea. The drink’s main ingredients include yeast, sugar, and tea. The bacteria ferment used in the process is like the one used in yogurt that creates acidic drink that contains a small amount of alcohol. The risk of consuming too much kombucha is usually linked to taking too much caffeine, sugar, as well as probiotics.

Drinking Kombucha Daily, Can We?

Drinking kombucha indeed brings some health benefits like mentioned above. However, is it ok to consume this fermented tea every day? Will the beverage turn to be harmful if consumed daily?

Yes, kombucha can be consumed daily. Yes, kombucha provides the consumer with health benefits as long as it is consumed in the right amount. Many experts of healthy food and drink have recommended small amount of this beverage every time someone drinks it. The recommended amount of kombucha that can be consumed each day is eight ounces at the maximum. It is about the half of kombucha bottle sold in the store.

The small of amount of kombucha intake is even more crucial to those who drink this fermented tea for the first time. Make sure to drink kombucha in a small amount and then see how the body reacts to it. Taking kombucha at that amount is how someone can make sure that kombucha will remain safe to drink and won’t carry any harm.

If you have been accustomed to drinking kombucha every day, you surely have no reason to quit drinking this fermented beverage. If you do develop some unwanted side effects after the kombucha intake, you should limit the amount of kombucha consumption. You could also take a break from drinking kombucha for a while to find out how your body reacts when you reintroduce the drink to your diet.

Possible Risks of Drinking Kombucha Every Day

Now that we already know that kombucha can be consumed daily, we also need to know possible risk of drinking it. Since the 1900s, there have been a couple of illness and also one death that are related to the consumption of kombucha,, as stated by WebMD. Meanwhile, there have been some kombucha-related health issues such as lactic acidosis and liver problems.

Kombucha has inspired lots of polarized debate as kombucha is claimed to have dramatic curative properties that are matched with potential dangers warnings. Yet, both claims seem to be a little bit exaggerated.

Kombucha is neither peril nor panacea. Like any other ferments, kombucha has unique metabolic properties as well as cultures of living bacteria that could and could not agree with human’s body. To find out whether kombucha is fine for you, start drinking it with small serving size. Then, see how it taste to you and examines how your body reacts to the drink.

FDA even states that this fermented beverage is safe to consume as long as it is prepared properly and consumed at the right amount. If you plan to brew it at home, make sure the jars, containers, and other tools are clean and sanitized.

In conclusion, drinking kombucha daily is safe. However, you need to ensure that you make it in sanitized containers and with clean tools. Also, make sure that you limit your kombucha intake every day. Go drink kombucha and claim the benefits!

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