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Is Chamomile Tea Good for You and Your Body?

Is Chamomile Tea Good for You and Your Body?This article provides the answer to common question about is chamomile tea good for you. People casually drink this refreshing beverage on the evening occasion. Some consume it due to its refreshing sensation, while the rest consumes it due to its distinctive flavor.

Due to the plenty benefits offered by chamomile tea, most people take it for granted. The main ingredient of this herbal tea is none other than the chamomile itself. This flower is part of daisy family. Aside from using dried chamomile, fresh chamomile can also be used as main ingredient as well. The flower produces oil called as bisabolol, which has calming and soothing properties.

Before talking about is chamomile tea good for you, let’s talk about how to make one. As mentioned, dried or fresh chamomile can be used to make the tea. The recipe of using dried chamomile is preferred since it is easier to make. Other than dried chamomile, you will also need water, strainer, and a cup.

Pour two spoons of dried chamomile into two glasses of water. Brew it for a while in medium heat. Pour carefully the tea on the cup. Do not forget to strain it first. The refreshing chamomile tea along with its benefits is ready to serve. It is optional to add mint, honey, or sugar in it.

Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea, the Reasons Why Chamomile Tea Is Good for You

Chamomile has a lot of health benefits because it has a large presence of powerful antioxidants, for example flavanoids and sesquiterpenes. Combined with relaxing effects of bisabolol, chamomile tea is really good to be consumed daily. One thing you should know if you’re pregnant it’s best to avoid chamomile tea or you can ask your doctor about this first. Is Chamomile Tea Good for You and Your Body? Here’s the complete health benefits of chamomile tea:

  1. Reducing the pains caused by stomach cramps

Stomach cramps can be caused by many reasons. Regardless the cause of it, the common method to alleviate the pain is by calming the stomach. Some herbalists consider chamomile as gentle narcotic. Therefore, it is good for reducing the pains caused by stomach cramps.

Moreover, it is highly recommended not to use bubbling water to make the chamomile tea. The amount of chamomile tea recommended for this gastrointestinal aggravation is two cups in a day. It is advisable to take a cup early in the morning and another cup before going to bed.

  1. Effectively treating insomnia

In order to figure out is chamomile tea good for you, it is important to make a list of health issues that can be healed with it. Insomnia is surely part of this list. It is able to treat insomnia effectively since it works in the same method as tranquilizer.

In this case, it might require up to four cups of chamomile tea to calm the nerves. However, most people with insomnia often has appetite problem as well. Therefore, it is optional to add honey or sugar to improve its taste.

  1. Used on migraine and headache treatment

Is chamomile tea good for you and your anxious issue? The answer is definitely yes. Headache and migraine caused by anxious issue can be easily solved by consuming chamomile. Other than headache and migraine, anxious issue might also leads to sleep deprivation, nervousness, and many more.

Chamomile tea contains substances that are able to ease off the movement of sensory system. Those substances are not only helps people who suffer from migraine and headache to unwind, but also to give relaxing sensation as well. Daily consumption of chamomile tea for this health issue is up to five cups of chamomile tea.

  1. Improving bowel movement condition

The most frequently asked question about is chamomile tea good for you is often related to bowel movement condition. Bowel movement issues are mostly caused by digestion tracts that are not working properly. Chamomile tea is considered as one of the best medical helps that can be used to deal with this situation.

Consuming up to two cups of chamomile tea is believed able to improve the condition of digestion tracts. Chamomile tea also reduces bloating and trapped gas on the tracts. It significantly reduces the chance of sickness, stomach influenza, gastroenteritis, and many more.

  1. Helping women with painful menstrual cramps

Menstrual cramps often occur to many women. In this case, is chamomile tea good for you? Painful menstrual cramps can be reduced with plenty of treatments. Fortunately, consuming chamomile tea is one of those treatments.

Chamomile tea is well known for its relaxing properties. The substance contained on chamomile tea helps to relief the menstrual spasm. Daily consumption of three cups of chamomile tea will reduce the pain caused by menstrual cramps. Consuming chamomile tea with mint is recommended for this treatment.

  1. Fighting against rashes and allergic reactions

Human skin is vulnerable to rashes and allergic reactions. One of the common symptoms of those skin issues is itching. Unlike any health issues in this list, skin rashes and allergic reactions are external problems. Therefore, different treatment using chamomile tea is required.

After consuming the chamomile tea, leave some of it in the cups. Let the chamomile tea to cool down for a while. Dab cotton ball into the cool chamomile tea. Swipe it across the skin area affected by rashes or allergic reactions. Let the tea absorbed by skin and the soothing properties of chamomile tea are working.

  1. Whitening the skin

The benefit of chamomile tea for human skin is not limited to healing rashes and allergic reactions. Is chamomile tea good for you in terms of whitening the skin? Plenty of herbs can be used as skin whitening treatment. However, nothing works better than chamomile tea. Aside from whitening the skin, it is also able to fade black spots.

Simply brew dried chamomile in a cup of water for a while. Add rose water and nectar to this solution. Strain the solution until it leaves thick paste. Apply the thick paste on the facial area. Let the health benefits of this mixture absorbed by the skin for 20 minutes. Wash it with fresh water afterwards.

  1. Healing skin inflammation

Other skin problem that can be healed with chamomile tea is skin inflammation. Skin inflammation often causes scars that are difficult to get rid. Other than fading the scars, chamomile tea is also used to prevent skin cancer as well.

As it goes with other treatment using chamomile tea for skin problems, topical use is highly recommended. Chamomile tea gives soothing sensation to reduce the symptoms caused by skin inflammation. It is definitely a good answer for those who keep asking of is chamomile tea good for you.

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