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How to Use a Coffee Plunger Properly: Complete and Easy Guide

How to Use a Coffee Plunger Properly: Complete and Easy GuideAfter purchasing the recently popular machine, people get confused and ask: how to use a coffee plunger? Is it different from the other electronic coffee makers? Well, not really. What makes people goes crazy about this relatively new product is the taste it could deliver. Therefore, learning how to make the machine work will be beneficial know-how for any beginners or even those are familiar with the process.

Preparation to Use a Coffee Plunger

When you say that you are eager to learn about the machine, it must refer to enjoy a cup of tasty and pure coffee. In order to get what you want, never skip the preparation steps. It includes the property cleaning and  ingredients preparation. Once you complete the stage, proceed to the brewing process.

1. Tools Cleaning

What is described as cleaning here is not only washing the tools with commercial cleaning product. You also need to remove the residue of the cleaning product on the metal plunger and the plastic tube. In order to do this, you need to heat water in a kettle. Listen carefully: just before the water boil, turn off the stove.

Pour the hot water and fill one third of the tube. Set the plunger to its place. In moderate pace, move the plunger up and down the tube several times. This action will remove any residue on the plunge as well as heating the tube. As a bonus, you will keep your coffee warm longer.

2. Ingredients Preparation

Before learning about how to use a coffee plunger, you need to know how to prepare the ingredients properly. First of all, plunger machine demands roughly grounded coffee. If you only have or prefer coffee beans, then you need to grind it separately. Aim for a texture close to brown sugar. Remember: a cup of coffee beans might not give you another cup of grounded coffee.

You have to stick to the serving suggestion, one or two cup of grounded coffee, instead of relying on the cups of coffee beans. Any finely grounded coffee will not do, as it will easily slip from the strainer. When you choose to ignore this fact, you will have a cup of bitter and burnt taste coffee.

The Steps and Tricks to Use Coffee Plunger

Now that the tools and ingredients are ready to use, the next step is to put into practice all theories about “how to use a coffee plunger“ you have noted. Make your first try a success by applying simple tips. Don’t worry, they are easy to follow.

1. Fill half tube with hot water.

For proper temperature, let the boiling water cools for three to five seconds. If you have thermometer, you should read between 88 to 94 degree celcius. Replace water with warm milk if you want to make latte or cappuccino.

2. Pour one cup of the coarsely grounded coffee.

Those who love strong coffee could add more than the usual serving. Normally, this process will make a pool of coffee on top of the hot water. Stir it with spoon for one minute to allow more contact between coffee and hot water. Fill the tube to the top.

You could also switch the order: coffee first, then the hot water. If you do so, pour the water evenly over the ground. This method will release bubbles. After they popped, you could smell the fragrant aroma and see the natural oil from coffee beans.

3. Put the plunge on the top of the tube.

Allow the coffee to brew for three to four minutes. If you forget and let it brew longer, you will get bitter coffee. Unless you want bitter taste cup, you should put a timer next to your plunger.

This rule applies for most types and brands. However, after mastering how to use a coffee plunger, several experiments will let you know which coffee should be brewed longer and which one shouldn’t. In short, make it to your preference!

4. Press the plunger slowly and carefully to avoid any spilled coffee.

Your plunger function is to hold the coffee waste on the bottom. If you happen to press the plunge too hard, the waste will go back to the surface and make the coffee bitter. When it happens, you could slowly goes back to the surface, just enough to cover the floating waste, then press it down again slowly.

Should you feel any resistance while pressing the plunger, then probably your coffee is grounded to fine dust. Grinding manually is still preferred upon purchasing the already grounded one. This way, you could be sure about the coffee freshness.

5. The last step left is to serve the coffee.

One turn down you should know is the limited time to keep it hot and fresh. It should be done immediately, as longer brewing will make wash away the original taste. A perfect cup of plunger coffee should have creamy look, especially after the carbon dioxide was released. Also, one plunger should not keep more than three servings of coffee. If you are brave enough to do experiment, a touch of nutmeg or pepper would be great.

In order to keep its content, you are suggested to put it on a non-slip surface. Otherwise, slight contact with your skin could create immediate reflect of swaying hand, spilling the rest of your coffee on the floor. If you plan to drink later, avoid keeping it on the tube: it is the rule on how to use a coffee plunger. Pour it to the coffee carafe.

Claimed by several coffee maniac as the best tools to brew coffee, many people set their eyes on the plunger and compete to buy it. Now that they have bought a plunger, next wave to tame is the procedure of coffee brewing. It is not difficult, but you definitely have to pay attention on the water temperature and when to press the coffee. If you could master it, then you already know how to use a coffee plunger.

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