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How to Store Ground Coffee Properly to Retain Its Freshness

How to Store Ground Coffee Properly to Retain Its FreshnessFor the best cup of coffee every day, you can start thinking about maintaining the quality of your ground coffee and storing them appropriately to maximize their flavor and freshness. The greatest enemies of the ground coffee are light, heat, moisture, and air. So, how to store ground coffee correctly to maintain its freshness?

Fact About Ground Coffee’s Freshness

Ground coffee easily lost its freshness compared to roasted coffee beans because it have more surface exposed to air. The oil in the coffee that makes coffee delicious and have nice aroma will evaporate quickly. More surface exposed to air also means ground coffee can go bad a lot faster than roasted coffee beans.

In normal condition, ground coffee will retain its freshness in less than an hour if you grind it yourself, and losing its freshness quickly. This problem actually also applies to pre-ground coffee, but because it’s grinded with modern tech, it will lose it’s freshness slower.

Compared to ground coffee, roasted coffee beans have much longer freshness time span. In normal packaging it will go as long as 2 weeks before starting to lose its taste and aroma, while in good packaging, vacuumed then filled with nitrogen, it will be fresh for about 2 months. This is the exact reason why it’s advised to grind coffee as much as it’s necessary.

As for pre-ground coffee, it’s actually not advised to buy pre-ground coffee if you’re actually love coffee. But if you want it quick or don’t have grinder? I guess there’s no choice but to buy pre-ground coffee. By storing it properly we can extend its freshness.

How to Properly Store Ground Coffee?

Coffee will lost its taste and aroma because several factors such as unfavorable temperatures, moisture, light and oxygen. You need to store ground coffee carefully by considering these factors.

One best way in preserving coffee freshness especially the ground coffee is by storing your ground coffee inside an air-tight, opaque container. Then, place this container in the area which has a consistent temperature and less moisture.

If the original packaging is re-sealable and air-tight, then you don’t have to replace it. You can put the coffee in dark place if the container see-through to avoid light, and especially sunlight.

Temperature wise, choose cool location but not refrigerator. Avoid placing your ground coffee container inside the cabinet near the oven, as the heat from the oven can be too warm.

Vacuum Storing Ground Coffee

As previously mentioned, keeping ground coffee is harder than roasted coffee beans. This challenge has push people to to find better idea to store ground coffee. One of the ideas is to vacuum store it.

Pre-ground coffee in unopened condition mostly will stay fresh for longer time because it’s vacuum sealed and filled with nitrogen. After it’s opened, then you can store it like the previous steps. But if you want it better, you can vacuum store it. You can move the coffee ground to special container, can be plastic bag, and then suck the air out of it and seal it. This will reduce its exposure to oxygen only when you need it to make coffee.

How About Freezing the Ground Coffee?

Another idea to keep coffee ground is by freezing it, but for this one enthusiasts have mixed opinions. The debate about freezing coffee has happened for quite long time. The main concern is that coffee absorbs taste, odor, and moisture from its surrounding.

If you want to freeze your ground coffee, make sure to use the container which is truly air-tight. Failed to do this will make your coffee worse than if you keep it at room temperature. It will be better if the container vacuumed first before put in the freezer.

When you freeze your ground coffee, you need to take out as much ground coffee as you can for less than one week every time. Then, store the rest of the ground coffee to the freezer as soon as possible to prevent the condensation forms happening on the frozen ground coffee.

Buying the Ground Coffee in the Right Amount

Losing its freshness, its delicious taste and nice smell for coffee is unavoidable, you can only delay it by properly storing it. The other way to make sure you’ll always have great experience drink coffee is by buying your ground coffee in the right amount. Buy only small batch of fresh coffee ground which is enough for one or two weeks.


Try to buy roasted coffee beans if possible, and then grind it as much as necessary to drink at that moment. If you buy pre-ground coffee, make sure to store it properly. Although it seems to be simple, how to store ground coffee influences the flavor of the coffee you make. It basically deals with the containers as well as the location to store the container.

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