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How to Make Lemongrass Tea: All the Health Benefits

How to Make Lemongrass Tea: All the Health BenefitsYou should probably learn how to make lemongrass tea properly and correctly if you still want to get the best benefits of the tea. Lemongrass is a unique tea with its own unique taste. If you are looking for something different to enjoy on a daily basis, this type of tea will suit you well. If you are new to this, you will find the lemongrass taste to be something unique, even pleasant, so the way you want to enjoy it depends on how you want to gain the best outcome .

How to Make Lemongrass Tea: Understand the Tea

Lemongrass is basically a tropical perennial grass. Growing one is quite easy and flexible because you can either use a container or plant it in the garden. It doesn’t grow quite well to cold when you grow it on the garden but it will survive inside a container. The lemongrass stalk and leaves are known to have the beneficial properties that make them consumable and edible. If you want to add a unique flavor to your cooking, the stalk can be the best idea. If you want to make a tea out of the plant, use the leaves. It has a unique lemony feel and smell, which can deliver soothing effect.

The Health Benefits

Aside from the fact that this tea has a nice smell and taste, it is claimed to have its own health benefits too. It is believed to deal with insomnia, fever, edema, infections, stomach upset, respiratory problem, rheumatism, and ache. Lemongrass has its own potent antioxidants that are powerful enough to fight against bacteria, free radicals, and virus. In the overall sense, consuming this tea will improve your nervous system, immune system, skin, cells, and also cholesterol.

There are abundances of other positive things to enjoy from this lemongrass tea, anyway. Thanks to the natural fantastic smell and taste, it is great to fight off body odor or halitosis. The tea can also deal with obesity, cancer, and diabetes, while improving the body’s natural detox process. The tea has been used in aromatherapy subject to fight off anxiety, fatigue, and restless sleep. When you consume this tea, you will feel more relaxed and calmer. If you know how to make lemongrass tea properly, the benefits will add up.

The Healthy Contents

One of the major reasons why the lemongrass is quite potent and good as tea is because of the natural contents. The citrus smell and the lemon taste resulted from the lemongrass’ natural family, the Paaceae. This tall perennial plant has a natural antimicrobial, anti fungal, and antibacterial trait that make it super useful.

It is rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. It has a high level of vitamin B complex, vitamin A, and vitamin C. It is also rich in calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, potassium, iron, phosphorous, and copper. It doesn’t contain any fat or cholesterol.

Lemongrass improves the body’s detox process because of the diuretic property, helping the body get rid of the harmful toxins and waste. It helps reducing the uric acid level while regulating the body’s system, especially kidney and liver. You may probably experience an increase urination after consuming the tea but as long it is not too much, you shouldn’t worry about it. Be aware not to consume too much of tea either – 2 cups a day should be enough. If it gets too much, you may suffer from dehydration. Accompanying your tea consumption with water intake will be a good idea.

Preparing the Tea Correctly

So, when you want to learn how to make lemongrass tea properly, you need to have the plants, right? Pick some of the leaves – use the scissors to cut some of the fresh ones. In the event that you don’t have the plants, buying the leaves from some of the health stores will do.

It is you choice to use the leaves dry or fresh. If you want to dry it up, hang some of them on a rack (under direct sunray) until they turn brown. If you touch it and it crumbles, the leaves are dry for usage. Put them in the plastic bag and seal it. If you have an oven, heating the leaves within the temperature of 100 degrees and 140 degrees Fahrenheit will deliver faster result. When you want to use the dry leaves, break it into pieces; the smaller, the better.

If you decide to use the fresh leaves, cut it around 1 inch or 2 inches and place it inside the cup. Boil the water. Once it boils, let it sit for 10 minutes before pouring it into the cup and over the leaves. Steep it for 10 minutes, 15 minutes max. Depending on your preference, the leaves can also be placed on the tea pot. Naturally, if you use bigger pot, you will have to add more leaves.

Adding sweetener like milk, sugar, or honey is possible if you like it. You can also mix the tea with other herbs or infuse it with other fruits. However, it is advisable that you try the lemongrass tea as it is – without sweetener or mixture. See how you like it. Once you have developed a way to enjoy it, you can do experiments by mixing it up with other herbs, sweetener, or fruits.

If you prefer the cold tea, there are two common methods that you can try. First of all, use this method to make the tea and let it cool. Second, you can use the bigger and more tea leaves, add ice, and pour hot water over the cup. The more tea you want, the more leaves you will have to use. You can store the extra tea in a container or jar and then keep it in the refrigerator.

Final Words

As you can see, the lemongrass tea isn’t only tasty but also healthy. If you really want to enjoy the health benefits, it is advisable that you limit the sweetener. Adding sugar or honey is okay if you do it once in a while – not on a regular basis. What’s important is that you need to learn how to make lemongrass tea properly so you can gain the best perks.

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