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How to Make Ginseng Tea – a Great Way to Boost Your Health

How to Make Ginseng Tea - a Great Way to Boost Your HealthSpeaking of ginseng tea recipe, most people will think about Korea. Indeed, this tea came from Korea, along with the great health benefits it brought. Though we mentioned that this tea I work great on combating cold, it’s just as beneficial for those who want to drink it on a daily basis to keep their metabolism thriving.

The Best Way to Make Ginseng Tea

This exotic tea is best served warm during cold days. If you are interested to try a cup, here’s ginseng tea recipe:

  • Boil water as much as you need. About 250 to 300ml should be more than enough.
  • Shave fresh ginseng root a bit and take one thin slice of the shaved part then coat it with a generous amount of honey in a cup. Ginseng tastes very strong, so a thin slice is quite strong already.
  • After the water boils, turn off the heat and pour into the cup.
  • Let the tea steep for 5 to 10 minutes. Scoop the ginseng out and enjoy!

How Does It Taste Like?

Though it looks somewhat similar to ginger, the taste truly differs. If ginger has mellow sweetness and spiciness, ginseng packs a punch of flavor. It’s very zesty and flavorful but may also taste like a medicinal herb to some, same with the smell. The aroma and taste is truly a one-thing experience.

However, depending on the person’s tastes, ginseng may be unbearable because both the taste and aroma are very strong. If you feel so when trying the ginseng tea recipe, feel free to add some lemon, green tea, or ginger to ease the taste. Some Korean also added dried jujubes while boiling the tea with the same purpose.

The ginseng tea recipe is indeed as simple as making vegetable broth. Just prep it, boil it for 20 minutes, and serve it hot. Within a minute or less, you will feel warm – which is why this tea is great for those ridden with cold. Drink daily for more health benefits.

Why Making Ginseng into Tea?

Just like ginger, ginseng is very versatile in the culinary world. In its home country, Korea, ginseng is used in various dishes. However, they need more time to prepare compared to this simple ginseng tea recipe. There are other foreign ingredients in those dishes that may be difficult to acquire depending on where you live.

Not to mention, ginseng has its own distinctive taste no other spice can give. So, depending on your tastes, a whole dish using ginseng may be difficult to take. By making this ginseng tea recipe, it’s much easier to adapt to ginseng’s taste.

This ginseng tea recipe can also help those who are too weak to eat. Since it’s purely liquid, the tea is easier to ingest to an especially sick person. The properties of ginseng are also easier to absorb in the liquid form.

The Health Benefits of Ginseng Tea

Just like the taste and aroma, ginseng tea aka Ilsam-cha in Korean also packs various health benefits. In general, it can improve the immune system, recover strength and stamina, and last but not least relaxing our nervous system. From these three main benefits, there is more advantage we can get from ginseng tea, such as:

  • Aids Digestion

With elevated metabolism, good digestion will also follow. Ginseng also stimulates pepsin secretion to help digestion even further.

  • Aids Respiratory Issues

Has difficulty breathing due to your illness? Ginseng may help you. Ginseng is a great aid to clearing blockage within your respiratory system and help reducing inflammation. Ginseng can help – be it a simple cold or cough, infatuating asthma, or concerning sinus and pneumonia.

  • Relieve Menstrual Cramps

As an excellent pain reliever, ginseng is perfect for those who experience menstrual cramps, as it can soothe the pain effectively.

After daily consuming, there are even more health benefits we can acquire from ginseng tea:

  • Lowers Blood Pressure

Those who have high blood pressure will benefit from ginseng tea since it can normalize blood pressure. It can even prevent stroke.

  • Help Lose Weight

Since ginseng naturally elevates metabolism, people became slimmer naturally after drinking it on a daily basis – mainly because elevated metabolism also improve digestion. Not to mention, ginseng is also popular as a natural appetite suppressant, so you’ll wound up eating less too.

  • Help Sexual Dysfunction

Those with erectile dysfunction can be cured after avid consumption of ginseng, as it helps improve stamina and metabolism. Other sex-related condition can be helped with ginseng as well.

  • Prevents Cancer

Ginseng has an abundance of anti-carcinogenic properties, so it’s a natural at fighting tumor and cancer. It is also one of the main ingredients for chemotherapy drug.

Note that ginseng is not beneficial for everybody. Since ginseng rises body temperature, consuming ginseng tea can make those who have naturally high body temperature overheat. If you are one, limit your ginseng consumption.

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