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How to Make Garlic Tea? a Tea with a Lot of Health Benefits

How to Make Garlic Tea? a Tea with a Lot of Health BenefitsDo you want to know how to make garlic tea? It may sound unappetizing, but garlic tea is very beneficial for our health. It’s a drink packed with all the good benefits of garlic, made to be ingested easily and quickly. Trust us, you are likely to try making it after hearing its health benefits.

Best Garlic Tea Recipe

Though we call it garlic ‘tea’, the making process doesn’t use direct steeping technique like the Camelia sinensis tea. The ingredients are simmered for a few minutes before steeping instead, similar to making vegetable broth from scratch. Without further ado, here’s how to make garlic tea:

  • Grate about 3g of ginger.
  • Boil 200ml water. As we wait for the water to boil, mince a garlic clove.
  • Put the garlic and ginger when the water boils and let it simmer for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Turn off the heat and let it steep for another 10 minutes.
  • Strain the liquid and add a tablespoon of lemon juice. Sweetener such as honey is also a great addition.
  • Enjoy!

This recipe calls for a serving of garlic tea. Since the cooking process is quite long, it’s recommended to make a bigger batch and store the leftover in the fridge.

How Does It Taste Like?

Now that we know garlic tea recipe, are you curious about its taste? It’s understandable that some may be worried to try the recipe at all, given that garlic smells and tastes strong. Well, get ready to be surprised, because the stench and taste are not as strong as you think.

The recipe uses ginger and lemon for a reason. Other than adding extra health benefits, these ingredients are also used to improve the smell of the tea. Not to mention, garlic tends to lose smell after cooked for quite some time. So, the garlic will be quite mild in the tea.

So, do you know how to make garlic tea now? It’s easier to think of it as a condensed broth, as we need to boil it for quite some time compared to other teas. You’ll be surprised that there is no pungent smell of garlic – since we used ginger and lemon, the garlic smell will be gone. Instead, you will mostly taste and smell ginger and lemon instead!

Why Garlic?

Out of all teas out there, why pick garlic for your health-drink? There are actually several reasons why drinking garlic tea is great for your health. First of all, garlic is already well known for its healthy properties; sulfur, vitamins – you name it. In fact, garlic has been used as medicine throughout history.

Garlic is also very economical. We can obtain garlic in most parts of the world dirt cheap. Considering the properties it contains, it’s not strange to think garlic as a cheap supplement or even medicine. Making garlic into tea is also a good way to preserve it, in case you are a fan of buying things in bulk.

It’s also hard to come across preservatives with this beverage. Since garlic tea is not sold in most cafés and dining places, we have to make it ourselves. That’s why we need to know how to make garlic tea, which is a blessing in this case.

Since we made the tea ourselves, we can control what we put into the tea, tackling additives and use the healthiest ingredients. We can also control how much we consume per serving personally.

Health Benefits of Garlic Tea

Containing countless healing properties, garlic is undoubtedly a healthy ingredient. Since we are using garlic as the main ingredient, the health benefits of garlic tea are about the same as garlic, which are:

  • Multivitamin

Garlic contains an abundance of vitamin, which are vitamin A, B1, B2, and C. This means that garlic is quite the complete packet for vitamins. To add more benefits, this delightful seasoning also contains antioxidants.

  • Natural Antibiotic

Do you know why people with cold are told to consume garlic? Well, that’s none other than the natural antibiotic garlic has. Not only combating the cold, garlic is also great to improve your immune system. It can also cure infections.

  • Keep Our Heart Healthy

Keeping out heart healthy can be tricky, especially for those who are ridden with heart disease already. Even if a healthy person wants to take the extra steps for their heart health, it can get expensive.

Well, if you want the economical way, then consuming garlic can help you tremendously. Since garlic stimulates our blood circulation and reduces bad cholesterol, you can keep your heart healthy by eating hearty dishes (with garlic in it, of course.)

  • Great Detox Helper

Want to lose weight? Garlic can also help you with it. After all, garlic can increase metabolism, thus helping our digestion system to work effectively and get rid of excess fat faster. The sulfur in garlic also helps detox other buildups in our body, giving us a healthier and possibly slimmer body.

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