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How to Make Fennel Tea by Yourself and Its Amazing Benefit

How to Make Fennel Tea by Yourself and Its Amazing BenefitHow to make fennel tea by yourself with simple ingredient at home? Actually, making a cup of fennel tea is not that hard. The important things are about the fennel including the root and leaves, also the temperature when you boil it. Since long time ago in Ancient Greece and Rome, this fennel tea was used in rituals and celebrations as a symbol of nature. In the past, this fennel tea was used as a remedial for mother to increase her breast milk supply. Today, we find out that a cup of fennel tea can give us a lot of benefits. This following section will inform you how to make fennel tea and the benefits you can get for your health.

How to Make Fennel Tea at Home

It’s a good idea to drink fennel tea everyday because it can improve your health and give you relaxing effect to make you feel better and fresh. You can even use it for simple remedy if you have problem with poor digestion, gas, or bloating. However if you do not make it properly you can’t maximize the benefits of drinking this fennel herbal tea. So, how to make it? We will explain it all, but first please prepare:

  • 1 or 2 teaspoons of fennel seeds
  • A little bundle of fennel leaves
  • 1 or 2 teaspoons of chopped fennel root
  • 2 cups of water
  • Honey, sugar, artificial sweeteners, or orange juice, whichever you like.

You just need to prepare 1 or 2 teaspoon of whole fennel seeds. It is recommended for you to crush the seeds first. You can do it with a large spoon or with flat edge of a chef’s knife. It is okay if you want to add the ingredient using a strainer or without it. It depends on your desire and the particular of your brewing set-up.

Second, prepare a little bundle of fennel leave and bruise the whole fennel leaves. You can also cut the fennel leaves into large pieces. You need to do that because it will help the oil from the fennel leaves to seep out. Not just the fennel leaves, you also have to prepare 1 or 2 teaspoons of chopped fennel root. Yet, you need to watch out for the tougher texture of the root. If the root seems too tough, you will need to brewed it little longer to soften it.

After you prepared the fennel ingredient, you can boil them using 2 cups of water. You have to boil it with low temperature because high temperature will destroys the essential oil components of the fennel. Furthermore, do not boil the fennel for too long. You just need to boil it no more than two or three minutes. Then you can put the fennel tea and other herbs to strainer or teapot. It is up to you.

Just leave the fennel tea for about five or ten minutes until it is cool and comfortable to drink. When you want to drink it, you can also add honey, sugar, artificial sweeteners or orange juice into the fennel tea. You need to drink it without waiting too long because the essential compounds can release to the air rather than to your digestive system. That’s all the simple steps about how to make fennel tea.

Amazing Benefit of Fennel Tea

After you know about how to make fennel tea by yourself with simple steps, do you know the benefit of fennel tea for your health? As we know that common tea has various antioxidants which are very good for our health, then, fennel tea has a lot of antioxidants as well. Fennel tea contains a lot of important minerals that’s good for your body, such as zinc and potassium. It also contains some essential oil and fragrances. Do you know that the fragrances from a cup of fennel tea can make you relax, while the essential oil have some antiseptic properties that useful for treatment of gastrointestinal infection. Actually, the fennel tea has several benefits for your health such as:

Increase Women’s Health

In Chinese medicine, the fennel tea have long been used as remedy to help women’s hormonal problems because it can help women’s body to increase the production of estrogen. The essential oil on the fennel tea itself also contain some Estrogen. This hormone in balanced quantities can help reduce the PMS symptoms, menstrual cramps or menopausal symptoms. It can also treat amenorrhea, a condition where women missed one or more menstrual periods.

For breastfeeding women, fennel tea will stimulate the production of milk for the baby. The essential oil in fennel tea also contain Anethole, an organic compund that can help protect female reproductive system.

Good for Digestive Health

If you have some problems in your digestive tract, cramp, gas, or irritable bowel syndrome, you can try to drink fennel tea because it is boasted as an antispasmodic. Not just it, the fennel tea also contains of a lot estrogen. This hormone can help you to inhibit muscles spasms, allow you to digest easier, and relieves hiccups. Other benefits you can get of drinking fennel tea regularly are to kill internal parasites, treat heartburn, help dealing with colic, cleanse blood, burns fat and so on.


Now, you know how to make fennel tea and its benefits for your health. However, there’s certain people who are not allowed to drink fennel tea. If you are pregnant, do not drink this fennel tea. Inside the fennel tea, it has some properties which is a uterine stimulant and can increase the risk of pregnancy complication. If you have to take some medicine, you also can not drink fennel tea as accompaniment or alternative for your medical treatment without your doctor’s advice. You have to be careful with it, or the fennel tea can harm your health.

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